Robotto by ThePetsMode [web] & 303bcn [web]



    , . · ´ T P M ` · . ,
    , -  with 303bcn  - ,

- T h e   P e t s   M o d e -

....be a pet
....pets' power from scene groups

Released at Revision Party 2019 
                           Abril 19th


Music : JosSs

Code  : Fubu, JamQue, Mvac7, Napalm

Gfx   : Mvac7, Napalm

Thanks to Joan Redondo - @JonTheVillain for Bitlogic Gfx
from MSX Videogame Bitlogic - A Cyberpunk Arcade Adventure
More info about Bitlogic: http://oxiab.com/bitlogic/

This Demo was assembled for MSX1 computers with asMSX.
More info about asMSX: https://github.com/Fubukimaru/asMSX

Gfx created with:
nMSXTiles from Pentacour and pipagerardo.
tMSgfX Suite from mvac7/303bcn (aka aorante) 
More info about nMSXTiles: https://github.com/pipagerardo/nMSXtiles
More info about tMSgfX Suite: http://aorante.blogspot.com/2015/05/msx-devtools-tmsgfx.html

Music created with: Vortex Tracker II v1.0 beta 19 from S.V.Bulba
More info about Vortex Tracker: http://bulba.untergrund.net/


A Robodemo release for MSX1. Techno-GOA and Cyberpunk.
Low resolution 256 x 192 and 3,54 Mhz CPU.
16 Colors and PSG Mono Music.

Enjoy It!
Remember 1995 - Kewlers still rocks.


website : www.thepetsmode.com