Don't be square by Loonies [web]

Don't be square by Loonies

4k intro for Amiga 500

Presented in the Oldskool 4k compo at Revision 2019

Blueberry:  Code, scripting
Curt Cool:  Music
Farfar:     Additional scripting, ideas, colors

This intro is the eventual result of the 4k music challenge:

Music done with Cinter: https://github.com/askeksa/Cinter
Visuals done with Rose: https://github.com/askeksa/Rose

This production may be freely distributed and video grabbed etc.
as long as the frame rate is kept intact, i.e. only 50fps
captures are allowed.

Arnd Klasen and the YouTube channel HierGibtEsJedenScheiss are
explicitly forbidden to distribute captures of this demo.