STNICCC OCS by Oxyron [web]

This is Axis/Oxyrons take on the ST-NICCC 
Competition for 1MB Amiga 500. 
Released at Outline 2019.

This is a "port" of the "STNICCC2000 
Demo" (party version) by Oxygene:


for the ST-NICCC-Competition held by
Heaven/Desire and Axis/Oxyron for 
Revision 2019:


Axis did this Amiga version and didn't 
plan to release it - but since no other
amiga contender stepped up and due to
constantly and annoyingly being bugged
by tIn to finally release this one, 
Axis agreed.

Press Left mouse Button until the first
text appears to enter benchmark mode.

We found a perfectly fitting, short and
unfinished drum loop MOD by Tommy/Avena 
(may he rest in peace), threw a little
intro in to mask the preload - and
there you are. Please don't blame Tommy
for any of this, but we really wanted
to use one of his tunes, whatever it
took. The ugly intro+oxyron anim was 
done by tIn/newline in a hurry.

In Benchmark Mode this uses the 1:1 
original data Leonard used and that is
provided at the links above. 
This renders the orighinal scene at 
about 2:00 min with music but without
disk streaming.

Greetings to: everyone here at Outline,
Desire, Tempest, Resource