Merry And Happy by Agima

"Merry And Happy"
An Amiga OCS/ECS Dentro
First Released by Agima in december 2019 at the 'Under Construction" demoparty 
Final Release 05 january 2020


A "classical" Amiga 500 config : 512Ko Chip and 512Ko fast 
And so, most of the Amigas. :-)

Full credits

Code and Ideas : Aghnar
Music : Goto80 
Real Amigas tests : Ixien

About the music
The protracker module is taken from https://modarchive.org/. (the license allows the use of this music in the demo)
Thanks you Goto80 !!!

About the graphics
"Merry and Happy" title font and the Christmas tree came from web resources and were a little bit re-worked to fit Amiga 500 screen characteristics. 
The graphics of the Beast scene are taken from the legendary games Shadow of the beast (the "Beast"), Shadow of the beast 3 (the running buffalo),
Unreal (the white foreground and the background trees) and Agony (a part of the mountains in the background). 
The highest mountain in the background and the general palette are taken from Eon by Wonderboybobi (an excellent beast clone for PC).
Thanks a lot to the people who drew these beautiful gfx.

About the code
This demo is coded using Amos pro 2.0 with a patch fixing a dual playfield bug and a classical extension called Amcaf (1994-1996). 
This extension brings a better protracker and blitter support to Amos Pro.
This version of Amos (arbitrarily  called "community edition 2020.1) can be downloaded here : 

The demoparty version
The design of this dentro started the 21 dec. 2019 and took 3 days. Then the thing had been sent to the Under Construction 2019 (so as a remote entry).
The Beast scene is an evolution of a little kind of Amos code log I wrote at the beginning of the year 2019 and readable here (in french) :

This (final) version
This version has the following changes :

+ [bug fix]
Sometimes, last sparks on the "Merry and Happy" title were in "conflict" with the christmas tree first displays.

+ [bug fix / enhancement] 
An error in the coordinates of the rectangles marking the end of the title sequence has been corrected and the scene has been slightly improved.

+ [enhancement]
In the tetra scene, one of the present has been re drawn to evoke the possibility of an amiga in the gift box

+ [bug fix]
With rom 2.x (tested with an A600), the sprites in the "Beast" scene were not displayed.

+ [enhancement]
The text and timing in the last scene had been improved a little bit.

+ [bug fix / enhancement]
With the rom 1.3, the demo ends with a software failure. It comes from a bug in the Amcaf extension. A proper reset with a text has been introduced to enhance the end.

Aghnar / Agima