Hoody by Rgba [web]

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                4 kilobyte executable graphics by iq/rgba 2020

             for Revision 2020 [https://2020.revision-party.net/]

   i was curious to know if fitting a human (cartoon) face as a raymarched
   sdf was possible in a 4 kilobyte executable. i first though i'd have to
   cut many corners, but as it turns out, it fits comfortably without much
   optimization work. if something feels off to you with the picture, well 
   that's because i am not an artist and this is all i'm able to make, and
   not because i had to sacrifice the art for the code. 
   also, there is no pathtracing on this one, the lighting is mostly based
   on ultrasimple direct lighting, complemented with a lot of hand painted
   shadows and occlusion signals. maybe i should've done it otherwise, but
   then it wouldn't be as fast to render i imagine (4 seconds in my pc).
   i made this one in shadertoy.com, although i am also working on pushing
   it further in terms of quality and animation. speaking of, greetings to
   fizzer, blackle, paniq, and, archee, yx, noby, nusan, and all the other
   demosceners in shadertoy from which i learn all the time.
   i used the following two amazing pieces of technology to pack this one:

   "crinkler" by mentor+blueberry :: [www.crinkler.net] 	
   "shader minifier" by lln :: [http://www.ctrl-alt-test.fr/glsl-minifier]


   iq :: [www.iquilezles.org] [https://www.youtube.com/c/InigoQuilez]