Wissenschaft by kolor [web]

       die blubb formel                  
          f(x,y,z) = K^n * ã [(x-ai)^2 + (y-bi)^2 + (z-ci)^2]

     code blackaxe 'n fontex
    music  raytrayza
   graphics raytrayza 'n noize
  three dee  cb
  midas    sahara surfers
   ptc     gaffer

many special thanks to gaffer for his cool ptc, special kolor edition. this
is probably the best vesa/video system that is around with dos, win32 (directx)
support and X support to be added. it supports all modes you can think of 
plus 9 cool fakemodes and you can blit from every surface to every mode.
get it before it gets you!

if the automatic screen mode detection does not work correctly on your machine
there is a possibility to set it up by hand, namely by command-line parameters
      WISSEN 320 200 FAKEMODE2A
to set explicitely the fakemode 2a. Note that the X and Y resolutions must
always be 320 and 200, if they aren't fuzzy mode detection takes over, for
the rest you can choose between
15              ; 15 bit mode
16              ; 16 bit mode
24              ; 24 bit mode        
32              ; 32 bit mode
if those don't work or if you don't have UNIVBE, try the following
FAKEMODE1A      ; \
FAKEMODE1B      ;  |-> 18bit fakemodes using a 320x600 native mode
FAKEMODE1C      ; /
FAKEMODE2A      ; \
FAKEMODE2B      ;  |-> 14bit fakemodes using a 320x400 native mode: the best 
FAKEMODE2C      ; /    ones (imho)
FAKEMODE3A      ; \
FAKEMODE3B      ;  |-> faked 16bit fakemodes. native 320x400
FAKEMODE3C      ; /

The A version always uses straight lines, the B version uses big ripples, and
the C version uses small ripples. my favorite is 2A while fontex' favorite is

no it's not a 3d object, it's a realtime calculated 3d isosurface, in case
you didn't notice that!

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