rage-dentro by dante


                          WHAT IS DANTE?!:
  Yo! Ever heard about DANTE? No?! DAMN! Heh.. Well, we are a new
group mainly based on PC demoscene. We are planning to release a
christmas demo in christmas(naturally) so hang on for our future

                          RAGE DENTRO:
  Well, this dentro was made to aggression demo competition, but it
was so buggy at the moment, that we decited to fix it before releasing.
Now this one should be something like 'normal'. If you don't think so -
wait for our christmas demo. It should be something like 'groovy'  =)

                    A BIT OF TECHNICAL STUFF:

  This dentro doesn't like EMM386, QEMM etcetc. No XMS nor EMS is needed,
so there is no need for any memory management. VGA, 386 and GUS is needed
to start the dentro, also 486 and a FAST VGA recommended. We would have
included support for non-GUS computers, but we didn't have enough time,
we will hopefully code the christmasdemo better..
  The music you were hearing was played using Twilight Zone GUSOBJ, so
thank you very much for your player. The Aggressive/Depressive Party piccys
were drawn by Aggression.

                          D/\NTE GREETS:

       Future Crew, Epical, Alpha Flight, Capacala, Imphobia,
       Digitize Design Group, Rebels, UZi, FiM, EXTACY.

                          DANTE MEMBERS:

               dYNAMiXEr     - Main Leader + SysOp
               Prodigy       - Assembler Coder, Coder Organizer
               Duke Nemo     - Assembler Coder
               Mr. Garvin    - Assembler Coder
               Then          - Assembler Coder
               Feenix(?)     - Assembler Coder
               Dr. Weird     - Trader + Trainer Coding
               Sorrow        - GFX + Utility Coding
               Goofy         - GFX + Internet Connections
               Dr. Paranoid  - SysOp
               Operator      - Trader

                       Contact us:

                       DANTE MAIL!
                       Nuottatie 2 E 45
                       13210 HML


         We are looking for more members to join our team.
         Especially Graphicians and Musicians are needed!
         If you would like to make an offer to us, please
         contact us with a sample of your work.