Hysteria Win32 by The Lords Of The Bits [web]


Hysteria.. Euskal party 5.. year'97 .. 
and here is the win32 port .. 

Browsing in some of my backup cd's i found the source code of this
production. I noticed that my old msdos xsystem is very similar in
functions than actual win xsys.. well.. get the original .asm sources
link that with the litewinxsys (used in ghoulstyle) and voila, Hysteria in win32.

Notice! the original intro is 100% asm in 32bits pmode!!! xD

Enjoy it!!

The intro uses 320x200 / 640x400 / 640x480 - 16bits for emulation.. 
if your video card doesn't support these resolutions you'll can't see this
intro.. update your drivers :D

Cheers to all our friends around da world.

TLOTB still alive (or something like).