Giulia by Darkage [web]

			    ·-* G I U L I A *-·

	     	   a Darkage intro released at TRIP 98

                   Code, Direction and Music.....Mod3m


Abyss, Absurd, Ambrosia, Amiga Circle, Anadune, Apathy, Appendix, Artwork,
Balance, Bizarre Arts, Capsule, Centolos, C-Lous, Cydonia, Degeneration, Depth,
Dinx Project, Dreams's Day, Dual Crew-Shining, Elven¹¹, Essence, Floppy,
Freezers, Genesis, Genetic, Giants, Goblins, Gods, Grasshoppers Development,
Haujobb, HoNoo, IRIS, Intense, Kengooroo, Limited Edition, LLFB, Looker House,
Nah-Kolor, Network, Nuance, Ozone, Phuture 303, Ram Jam, R.N.O., Sector 5,
Silicon, Scoopex, Skarla, Soft One, The Black Lotus, The Primary Design,
Trsi Recordz, Venture, Ward.


 MOD3M -----------------------------------------> granata@mail.caribusiness.it


This small intro is called Giulia not for a girl, but just for the routine
that creates the main texture, the julia fractal. Anyway, we would like to
greet one Giulia, the owner of a sport shop where we stole various things
every day - eheh...