Risen from Oblivion by Crest & Oxyron [web]

Risen from Oblivion - Some helpfull tips:

The VIC Experience (Side 1)
Some of the effects might have some problems to be displayed on your screen
as they were planned. Everything seem to be working fine on 1084 monitors.
But there are some problems with Thompson monitors and probably also with

-The part with the cavemen-picture should be displayed in grey.
-The final part should be displayed with 11 totally new colors.

If your monitor has those problems, too and doesn't display the parts
as mentioned, try to use a normal TV.

THE VDC Experience (Side 2)
This part of the Demo could only be watched on a 80 column screen.
And be sure to connect your monitor with a cable which makes it possible
to see all different 16 colors. Therefore we added the 16 colors to the
openingscreen, so you can check out if everything works fine.

For help how to build your own RGBI cable check the following websites:




Another note for the graphicians:
There are some differents in the brightness of some colors (especially
yellow) on different monitors. Keep that in mind if you want to paint
your own pictures with the VDC-tools.