Two In One by Dead Hackers Society [web]

________________ Two in one - Dead Hackers Society _________________

                    Released -  December 5, 1999

                For the christmas online competition

        Version 1.1 (UPDATED!) It bugged on Standard falcons
                 before (screen flicker). Now fixed.

Hardware requirements:

 -  ST, STe, TT or Falcon
 -  One megabyte RAM

 -  All screens run in one VBL (50 FPS) on a plain ST (Hi Keops!)

 -  It is tested with STe, TT and Centurbo II Falcon. It works fine
    with these and hopefully plain ST's and Falcons will show it
    okey as well.
 -  If you have fastram, fileflags should be:
    Fastload    ON
    Load ALT    ON
    Malloc ALT  OFF

Software requirements:

 -  None, it runs from TOS, MagiC, MiNT, Geneva. Falcons can have
    screen expanders enabled etc, it should work fine from any

Known Bugs:

 -  None at the moment.


 -  Falcon with double-vbl bug might want to run the twinsync patch
    program for better results. That's a Falcon hardware problem, 
    not an error of this demo.


 -  Muzax: 
    Dma-Sc / Sector One

 -  Code:

 -  Graphics/scanning/design/code:


 -  E-mail:

 -  Homepage:


 -  The authours of this demo take no responsibility for any
    hardware, software, brains, eyes, ears damaged! You are
    running it at your own risk.


 -  Do whatever you want with it. Coverdisks, CDROMS, FTP archives,
    BBSes, commercial sales... We don't care.

Last words:

 -  Okey, so this wasn't what you expected from DHS. Whatta bunch
    of lamers who reinvite effects from 1990!

    As there has been some babble latlely about how crap "oldskool"
    demos are, and from others how boringsome tunnels are. Well,
    we decided that in time for christmas it was time to join the
    two styles togther :-)
    As the new millenium arrives, let's work together instead of 
    fighting and argueing. Or as Synergy put it back in 1992...
                  collectivity beats induviduality


                      diversity brings chaos


                     never give up - stay atari