Image for my office wall

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FHD pixels at 300dpi is just 16,2cm x 9,1cm ... maybe you want to use 100dpi
added on the 2014-08-13 12:05:25 by leGend leGend
If you can run your target demo in windowed mode, you might be able to set the resolution to something bigger than your screen. You should then be able to somehow get the framebuffer of that window.
Steam is able to take screenshots of games running in windowed mode with windows larger than your screen size, so it must be possible somehow.
added on the 2014-08-13 12:22:44 by Sinar Sinar
Thanks a lot for the hints! Okkie, yours is obviously a winner. :)

I might in fact go for something from ASD. Their demos' sleakiness fit very well, I think. Can anyone tell me right away whether they're DX so that kkapture can reach them?
added on the 2014-08-14 14:19:43 by netpoet netpoet
Nope, I think they are OGL
added on the 2014-08-14 14:54:40 by Optimus Optimus
I can confirm that kkapture works with ASD's demos :)
added on the 2014-08-14 14:54:42 by bartman bartman
lol, serpent wins
added on the 2014-08-14 18:38:26 by Hyde Hyde
kkapture works just fine with OpenGL, at least it did for me the last time I tried it
added on the 2014-08-14 23:56:51 by Kabuto Kabuto