Why my Artificial Intelligence project complements the demo scene very nicely.

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Small code. Because we want to do smart things with as little programming as necessary.

Image recognition. We build recognizers for the contents of computer screens as a part of our everyday AI. Image recognition is, quite naturally, the complement of image generation (which is what the demo scene does).

We simplify programming. Because programming in poems is easier than in traditional languages. Easier programming => greater effects in less time.

Smart minds. I can see that the demo scene is full of smart minds. However, they are limited to making demos. Let's expand your field. I'm a smart mind too.

Is there more connection? Possibly!

Ah, one more: Demos are fundamentally non-commercial, as is my project.

So folks... why not end the opposition? Don't see me as hostile. I'm really a nice guy actually.

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Yup. http://www.theminimalists.com/idea/
I'm closing this since it's just a duplicate of this thread.
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