Evoke 2015 - 31 July - 2 August - Köln-Kalk

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So, what was the story about that C64 screen and the speech synth narator? It was rather confusing. Obviously it didn't orginated from a C64.
added on the 2015-08-02 00:01:32 by numtek numtek
Maybe windows "speak help" was enabled?
added on the 2015-08-02 00:08:20 by Puryx Puryx
it did not make any more sense for people physically present :p
added on the 2015-08-02 01:54:53 by nic0 nic0
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google picture "fiskefjæs"and see what u get :D
added on the 2015-08-02 02:12:57 by tFt tFt
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(greetz from EVOOOOOKE!!!fuckings til ALLE dansker utenom Nic0 <3 :)
added on the 2015-08-02 02:15:38 by tFt tFt
added on the 2015-08-02 08:42:26 by menace menace
Thanks everyone that made Evoke a great party (esp the orgaz!) :)
added on the 2015-08-02 17:02:56 by emoon emoon
Thanks to all orgas for a flawless party.
added on the 2015-08-02 20:15:49 by Sir Sir
What emoon and Sir said. Excellent party and weather, Evoke is getting better and better. The lack of compo delays almost made me question the fact that I was at a demoparty!
Also thanks to Topy for another edition of Prevoke, which started the weekend very nicely.
That was amazingly fun again (and exhausting). See y'all at Deadline and TRSAC.
added on the 2015-08-02 20:31:25 by Alpha C Alpha C
added on the 2015-08-02 21:01:42 by KeyJ KeyJ
Thanks for this super awesome mega party! This was so much fun. One day I will come to evoke with a finished product so I can actually relax and hang out.

It's super hard to give any suggestions to something that's already so smoothly polished. Even the skater-kids didn't wake me up this time.

The only thing that would have been nice is to show some of the Assembly-releases on the big screen in the morning.

Thanks again. See you next year.
added on the 2015-08-02 23:07:07 by pixtur pixtur
That was awesome, thanks!
added on the 2015-08-03 00:30:23 by numtek numtek
numtek: your music outside was awesome aswell, thanks! ;)
added on the 2015-08-03 01:47:27 by picard picard
This was an awesome party indeed!
added on the 2015-08-03 02:49:46 by wej wej
Nice timelapse... But was this total surveillance announced somewhere?
added on the 2015-08-03 03:26:01 by las las
Party Timelapse video is broken.
added on the 2015-08-03 08:53:57 by numtek numtek
(I mean set to private)
added on the 2015-08-03 08:54:22 by numtek numtek
Sorry. I removed the Party timelapse youtube and deleted the GoPro pictures made during the party. I hope I can still publish the two shorter long exposure (blurry) DSLR clips made with hard to miss big camera on tripod.
added on the 2015-08-03 09:51:33 by picard picard
thanks for a great party guys and a special shoutout to poo-brain for making my awkward ass feel more than welcome.

Apologies for being a little busted up, im fighting some kinda infection that just wont let go and its making me hella tired :)
added on the 2015-08-03 10:28:19 by nic0 nic0
awww... where's the surveillance gone? :/
added on the 2015-08-03 10:36:08 by farfar farfar
Great party yet again.....nothing really to put down, except the wireless internet connection wasn't all that great (atleast on my scheissPhone) Also the couldn't get the livevoting to work...but who cares, managed to submit my votes anywho :)

Oh, btw here is Knokie playing with a ball from Evoke 2014
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added on the 2015-08-03 12:48:22 by tFt tFt
picard: I didn't mean to be that passive aggressive. I respect that work (actually, it's pretty nice), but I for myself am not a huge fan of any kind of surveillance. Didn't we have enough of that already? Does it bring any benefits?
I know that many sceners just don't care and unfortunately the group of people who care seems to be/become a minority.

Nevertheless, a pretty decent (franconian compliment) evoke edition with new chairs! ;)
Next possible improvement: Hall lighting. :D
added on the 2015-08-03 12:50:36 by las las