War. What is it good for ? Absolutely nothing.

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General estimated death toll one century ago : 18.6 millions

"Germany [...] on 3 August (NDLR: 1914) declared war on France."

"[..] the German army had fought its way into a good defensive position inside France and effectively halved France's supply of coal. It had also killed or permanently crippled 230,000 more French and British troops than it itself had lost."
"When Bulgria signed a separate armistice on 29 September [...] news of Germany's impending military defeat spread throughout the German armed forces."
"With the military faltering and with widespread loss of confidence in the Kaiser, Germany moved towards peace."

"[...] new nations liberated from German rule viewed the treaty as recognition of wrongs committed against small nations by much larger aggressive neighbors."
"[...] the Treaty placed Germany, "under legal sanctions, deprived of military power, economically ruined, and politically humiliated."
"[...] the Nazis, [they] waved the banners of domestic treason and international conspiracy in an attempt to galvanize the German nation into a spirit of revenge."
"Nazi Germany sought to redirect the memory of the war to the benefit of its own policies."
"[...] renewed European nationalism and the German feeling of humiliation contributing to the rise of fascism. All of these conditions eventually led to World War II."
"In November 1918, the Allies had ample supplies of men and materiel to invade Germany. Yet at the time of the armistice, no Allied force had crossed the German frontier."

[src : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_War_I]
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War... war never changes.
- Ron Perlman
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War has changed.
- Solid Snake
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Baudsurfer: when looking back on such terrible things as wars, it's pointless to start with who fired the first shot or "declared war". To understand why this tragedy happened you must examine the decades that lead up to the conflict.
In case of WW I it is the colonial era, the founding of the Prussian-Gernan empire, the "Balance of Powers" diplomacy of the British government, France's eagerness to get even for the last lost engagement and the ambitions of the USA as a major player on the map of colonial powers. Not to underestimate the influence of banking and industrial cartels on their governments.

Oh, and Wiki-freakin-pedia is the *last* source you want to turn to in order to get correct information on history. Unfortunately history books are *boring* and *heavy* (800+ pages), hence no one likes to read them.
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War... war never changes.
- Ron Perlman

Now where did i hear this before?...
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War is Peace.
- Big Brother
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war is evil. only good thing is the advance in technology that follows each war.
is the 1st and 3rd person singular form of 'to be' in German.
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Now where did i hear this before?...

Fallout 1 - Great
Fallout 2 - Masterpiece
Fallout Tactics - Nah
Fallout 3 - Nah
Fallout New Vegas - Masterpiece
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Chess is War.
- Bobby Fischer.
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football is war - rinus michels
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And it will happen again.
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The military-industrial complex. Next question.
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i was playing cannon fodder last night
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Yes war is bad. We're ending it.
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Now where did i hear this before?...

Fallout 1 - Great
Fallout 2 - Masterpiece
Fallout Tactics - Nah
Fallout 3 - Nah
Fallout New Vegas - Masterpiece

funny to see they quite fallout, tho
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ferengi rules of acquisition:

34. war is good for business.
35. peace is good for business.
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War is lived out psychopathy on a large scale.

If you would remove all human beeings incapable of empathy (people with psychopathic or narcissitic personal disorder and those who tend towards these disorders; around 5% of the population), things like war, murder, rape (pretty much most of the capital crimes) would be gone. These beeings are a minority, but still enough to make the world burn (I would guess 200-300 million from the 7 billion world population).

Mankind would make the next step in its cultural evolution would it concentrate on fighting narcissism and psychopathy, cutting all human beeings with these disorders off, reducing their influence on societies to zero. We still havent reached this point, but I think we are on the way (even if slowly).
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@wysiwtf: I have played Fallout 3 and loved it (but accidentally deleted my saves, I have to start again, arghh) but not yet New Vegas. What's the things that you hated on 3 that were improved or changed on New Vegas?
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in ad 2101 war was beginning...
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