Psytrance, Goa, etc Modules

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So I've been listening to more and more modules lately and I don't know where to begin on finding high quality stuff, but modarchive has stuff arranged by genre and user ratings which has helped.

I'd like some high quality modules in psytrance, goa and similar styles. If you guys got anything awesome to recommend toss it my way please!
added on the 2014-11-12 02:19:55 by Maraakate Maraakate
There may be some good modules too (at least the high voted ones):

added on the 2014-11-12 06:51:14 by Serpent Serpent
Anything you can find from the netlabel Ultrabeat.

Full release listing on Discogs (!?):
added on the 2014-11-12 10:05:14 by lug00ber lug00ber

high quality modules in psytrance, goa and similar styles

You mean TRACNE, really.
added on the 2014-11-12 14:37:40 by __ __
added on the 2014-11-12 14:59:56 by visy visy
Tracne Master - Take I To Sky
added on the 2014-11-12 15:47:28 by Serpent Serpent
bluishbg.xm and over2bg.xm are all you need!
probe's xm from TBL's Jizz and Stash :D
added on the 2014-11-12 20:00:51 by rez rez
ho and I tried to do some 8bit goa once :D
added on the 2014-11-12 20:03:19 by rez rez
and perhaps this one by Azazel.
added on the 2014-11-12 20:08:16 by rez rez
probe's XM can be downloaded here (sorry for the flood).
added on the 2014-11-12 20:09:58 by rez rez

I would recommand Synthetic Bitch
added on the 2014-11-12 21:17:13 by Natopsi Natopsi
I've already hit up all the Azazel, Probe, and Outzider's goodies.

And yes, basically trance. Whatever subgenre name you want to call it I don't really care.
added on the 2014-11-12 23:13:28 by Maraakate Maraakate
hmm apparently scenemusic misses all stuff from tripout, which was one one of the biggest mod labels delivering psy music in 90s. some people from there end up at big commercial trance bands later.
you could check http://modarchive.org/index.php?request=view_artist_modules&query=85788 and find more searching names in the diz files.
added on the 2014-11-13 02:16:18 by ton ton
The BMP2 goa compo had some pretty good stuff in it, e.g.
@teo: ha funny! one of his album was released by one my oldest and best friend label! (Suntrip Records), wich is also a scener :D
added on the 2014-11-13 14:04:54 by rez rez
Indeed. Even if I still watch demos, I'm not active since 2001 or something.

Yes Lars W. Linde collaboarted again in RA between 2005-2010, he'd told me he'd been in the scene. He's still on the project but the two members being in different countries now, it's become harder.
mars / Suntrip
added on the 2014-11-13 14:15:10 by mars mars
Wow cool, Suntrip is making really quality oldschool releases, I dig your stuff truly!
I know Skarma personally (though he wasn't a scener), back from my goa daze in Hungary, i really liked his stuff back then.

I'm still doing some goa myself (been doing some liveact with my mate back then at Ozora :)): https://soundcloud.com/rocknrolla42/sets/goa-1

Also Trinodia used to be in the amiga scene, his handle was Psycho (not to mix up with the awesome Loonies coder :)).

And I think I've read in an interview, that one of the Logic Bomb guys was previously involved in the demo scene (which was also the explanation, how they got to remixing Jester's Cyberride.mod (that awesome thing from Extension)) ---> just check out Logic Bomb - Extension
added on the 2014-11-13 15:28:11 by teo teo
ho and there also a psytrance remix of Speedball 2 music :D
added on the 2014-11-13 16:13:39 by rez rez
added on the 2014-11-13 16:21:14 by visy visy

Yes, I've checked out Ra and it's pretty badass. Glad to see Outzider is still active. Darkzone's Debut had a kickass soundtrack.
added on the 2014-11-13 17:52:14 by Maraakate Maraakate
I highly recommend the old Commodore Amiga Goa trance trackers Slice and P-Tec, some of whose older work can be found on Aminet (Slice also has a website with more, and P-Tec made some mp3s that are now hard to find, but I have them). Also, Hideo and some others that were on an older version of the Goacidia (maybe still on archive.org) webpage are pretty good. I also have made a bit of more India-influenced Goa trance (on Trax in Space, Scenemusic, my own domain, and maybe one so far is on Mod Archive) such as with sitars, which I know of no other trackers doing (rather than people who play the instruments) but would like to hear.
added on the 2014-11-14 00:30:25 by darwin darwin
also Nightbeat went into goa bizz:
http://www.discogs.com/artist/558345-Carl-Larsson (and yeah, Suntrip again :))
added on the 2014-11-14 01:01:01 by teo teo