Revision 2015 - 3rd to 6th April - Saarbrücken, Germany

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Here's a couple of minutes or so of random footage from Revision 2015, largely filmed during the 3 way DJ set with h0ffman, lug00ber and Ronny :)
added on the 2015-04-09 23:28:44 by Felice Felice
Watching some of the live act footage makes me a little sad that I missed most of the live acts, but then again I also thought they were abnormally loud so I preferred talking to people outside.
seven: we collected the issues with the shuttles from several people and will take care for next year. thanks for the feedback!
added on the 2015-04-10 08:04:48 by styx^hcr styx^hcr
We have been made aware that some of the YouTube videos from this year are lacking in the auditory department. Our sketch artist has produced the following drawing of the suspected culprit based on witness descriptions:

BB Image

Any hints as to this individual's whereabouts are welcome!

In the meantime, we are working on fixing already uploaded the videos and will upload new versions of them once ready.
added on the 2015-04-10 16:42:38 by Steltek Steltek
*fixing the already uploaded videos
added on the 2015-04-10 16:43:24 by Steltek Steltek
bit late. but fucking awesome party this year!
added on the 2015-04-10 17:04:50 by Maali Maali
About the bus: It turned out to be faster to get off at the Mercure and walk a few minutes instead of using the bus stop at Madeleine which includes a free sightseeing tour in and around Saarbrooklyn.
Not a major issue, but might be useful in case the trip gets splitted.

Looking forward to the seminar videos - missed them all due to partycoding, happening way to early in the morning or happy partying despite many interesting topics.
added on the 2015-04-10 19:33:14 by T$ T$
So, must do the obvious review post.

This years revision was f-ing brilliant, so well executed all the way around and not a single time did I think "why did you do that?" - I have never been to a more perfect party!


The other danes
. Even though we use to be twice as many, we had a blast, from meeting in the airport in Denmark to parting again in the same airport, we never stopped laughing or enjoying being away from the kids ... i mean being together again.

The DUB Battle Cards. Yes, self-high-fiving here, this game is so fucking funny. We hadn't played it before waiting for departure in the airport and knew instantly how great it worked out. I am very pleased with the quality of everything in it, even though it was seriously rushed in the end to make sure we had it printed for the party. Sorry for all the ones who weren't included, you just have to convinced yourself that you would bring the game out of balanced for being too awesome!

Compos. Awesome all the way .. and jesus fucking christ smash/destop/hoffman, what a way to end a perfect party.

Poo-Brain. You guys really brought new blood and hype into the demoscene. I would sell my son to be at every party you are at, but i'm afraid my wife won't let me, but I am so disappointed that you supposedly have taken farfar and nic0 into your group, but not me. I'm younger than them god dammit, also we have made enough poobrain handles on the way home, that you can invite every danish scener onboard :)

Photowall. BEST. THING. EVER! Not sure it would work other places than Revision though.

Bob / lug00ber / Santa. I always enjoy spending time with you monkeys.

Dfox / Madame / Styx. You got this shit! .. People do give you a lot of credit for the whole party, as they should! You are what make this party so awesome, but it couldn't be that without you being awesome in general!

Music Acts. Great line up! Although, I remember being disappointed about Deathboy, his selected tracks was awesome, but his general mixing wasn't very good. But at the time I was getting quite shitfaced, so my memory about it could be wrong. Everything is was great .. .except Bob, that was swedish :(

Group hug for dfox on stage. Best/worst idea ever, hug was good, champagne also, but made me wander off alone for my hotel and missing the oldschool compo :(

The Meteoriks. This was far better than the scene.org awards and gave a far better impression of all the great productions in the scene!


The Meteoriks. The production/execution of the show was rushed a lot, and it didn't show the potential as a show, that it could have been. I myself, was a big part of it being not great, at least from my point of view, but it didn't have the nuttyness that I felt it should. But you can't do that without proper planning, and more or less everything that happened on stage (besides handing out the awards), was planned 2 hours before the show. Netpoet was, as always, a professional and took the show the safe way home with a steady performance. I better stick with DUB awards :)

Not having the DUB awards. This was our own decision though since we wouldn't want to bore you with two awards show. We might need to reconsider that now :)

I really can't think of anything else not being awesome! .. oh wait, yeah, we have to wait a whole year to do this again :(
added on the 2015-04-10 21:47:23 by dwarf dwarf
what Maali said.
Best organized party, down to the very detail.
Orgas were very friendly and helpful with everything, compos were outstandingly good.
Please fix the speakers better next year, can't be that one of those just drops down, especially with that many kids runnin around.
Respect and Love, c u next year, and thank you.
added on the 2015-04-10 21:54:10 by Sir Sir
I'm bedridden because of some bug....STILL FUCKING WORTH IT!

added on the 2015-04-10 22:51:33 by Deus Deus
Um großen Bandbreitenbedarf zu decken, können Veranstalter mehrere Internetleitungen bündeln. Auf der Demo-Party Revision demonstrierte der Router-Hersteller Viprinet eine Kombination aus UMTS-, LTE- und Festznetz-Verbindungen.

http://www.heise.de/netze/meldung/Multi-WAN-Technik-Viprinet-koppelt-18-Internet-Le itungen-2597528.html
added on the 2015-04-11 00:06:54 by Salinga Salinga
BB Image

Nope, you are not alone with this opinion.
added on the 2015-04-11 00:09:15 by Salinga Salinga
I remember being disappointed about Deathboy, his selected tracks was awesome, but his general mixing wasn't very good. But at the time I was getting quite shitfaced, so my memory about it could be wrong.
added on the 2015-04-11 00:09:56 by Salinga Salinga
Yeah, what a party! I finally get enough sleep :) As you probably heard, we (me and JazzCat) were robbed at a party. We lost wallets, documents, cash, credit cards, phone, some equipment (yeah, even my cool Amiga CF card + PCMCIA/CF interface, meh) and the.... car keys (this was the biggest problem, as we dont have another ones, even at home). There was a lot of "cool adventures" there. We had the opportunity to visit the German police for example (although a bit shame that they did not speak English :).

Our things have not been found, but thanks to the wonderful support we received from the Revision Organizers and demosceners from around the world, we were able to return home safely. We would like to thank everyone who helped us to collect the money for a tow truck. Demoscene once again showed their solidarity and true friendship. Thank you!!!

Anyway it was a really great party. No matter what happened, we (still) love Revision and see yaa (I hope) next year!
added on the 2015-04-11 12:14:00 by slayer slayer
Glad you made it back! <3
added on the 2015-04-11 12:26:21 by Steltek Steltek
As you probably heard, we (me and JazzCat) were robbed at a party.

Does »at A party« mean that it was not at Revision?

Because that would be really horrible, the imagination of sceners stealing from other sceners!

Glad you make it home.
added on the 2015-04-11 12:34:56 by gaspode gaspode
Does »at A party« mean that it was not at Revision?

Unfortunately, it happened exactly at Revision, in the "toilet tunnel", where we were working on our demo on the sofa :/
added on the 2015-04-11 12:42:22 by slayer slayer
But we're pretty much sure that it wasn't other sceners. We are already discussing additional security arrangements for next year.
added on the 2015-04-11 12:46:03 by D.Fox D.Fox
Wait! Did I just...?
added on the 2015-04-11 12:46:35 by D.Fox D.Fox
Yea, you did.
added on the 2015-04-11 13:14:17 by Salinga Salinga
Finally have time reflect properly! - will adopt Dwarfs template

Awesome fucking party! Period.


The general mood Yes, there's always a good mood, but somehow this felt just perfect for me this year. Everybody seemed to be positive.

The PC64k and the oldschool demo compos Holy shit guys - it was a fucking treat to a hungry demoscener to watch these compos!

Organizers enjoying their own party Awesome to see you guys joining the liveacts, compos and more

The danes Awesome - at least half of the fun is going to whatever places with you guys!

The Battlecards This gave me an opportunity to talk to shit loads of people I've never talked to before, when selling the dekcs. Also having new prospects trying out pepperschnapps :)

ronny, lug00ber, hoffman, Hansverbot & glxblt I've probably never danced this much at a demoparty. Ever. Went to bed at 6:00 monday morning with humming feets!

lug00ber For playing DUB battlecards with me for 3-4 hours - without any of us winning. WTF!?


Wednesday was horrible Mostly because nothing was going on, missing the atmosphere of the party, yada yada...

Slightly too many liveacts Could have lived with a demoshow more, and a liveact less.

Also, I want to thank all the organizers; I don't know all of you, and not all of you know me, but be assured, that I (and the rest of the danes) are enjoying Easter in your hands like there was no tommorrow.
Thank you - all of you!

I was just about to beg you to keep organizing, but D.Fox already "fixed" it for next year, so... ;)
added on the 2015-04-11 13:34:15 by Puryx Puryx
although all music acts very very cool, i would like to specifically give shoutouts to cheesy. having all these congo natty and other jungle classics played at a demoparty was my absolute highlight. some of my very personal favourite tunes...
added on the 2015-04-11 14:01:43 by dipswitch dipswitch
cheesy, was your set recorded, or do you plan to re-record it at home and put it online? (i'll do the same with my second stage set in the next weeks)
added on the 2015-04-11 14:02:37 by dipswitch dipswitch
As you probably heard, we (me and JazzCat) were robbed at a party.

So it was really a robbery and not "just" theft?

Wow! :(
added on the 2015-04-11 14:30:52 by JTZ JTZ
I'm pretty sure that was just a case of bad English.