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hey bonzaj! yes, i did, thanks a lot for them once again! i just didn't have time to make metadata sheets for them yet.
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In previous updates, we treated you to letters from the scene‘s top protagonists. But what about the countless average guys whom these “elites” would usually have considered “lamers”, but who were, in fact, the backbone of the formers’ popularity – by spreading their products and making their names “big” in the first place. The voices of these bystanders and “rank and file” sceners are a blank spot in scene preservation, as they often left no traces in terms of releases. Luckily, with the letter collection of Thorion (a.k.a. Thomas or Smily), we can make a step towards closing this gap. In the letters exchange between him and his Amiga penpals around 1990, one gets a glimpse of teenage computer fans swapping PD software and demos (and the occasional “Raubi”, as in “pirate copy”), following the developments of the scene, teaching each other scene-related skills, and occasionally making it to the ranks of the “elites” (like Thorion himself, who would do a brief stunt as graphics artist in TRSI in 1992 before quitting the Amiga world altogether).

You can download the scans of these 32 (German-language) letters, complete with metadata, here – or view them in the gallery below.

And as a bonus, the collection includes a document from a different fringe of the scene – namely pirate groups who would branch out into the “real” shadow economy, selling software and hardware for hard cash. The detailed advert from the Amiga group Vision Factory, offering all sorts of illicit computer products, can be downloaded here. According to a long-time VF member, this operation was maintained by two members from Northern Germany, without any coordination with the group leadership (and without sharing any of the profits)…


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Interesting yet funny at the same time =)
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There haven’t been any C64 disk covers here for a while, so here are some from Cupid‘s collection. They stem from 1993 to 1998, and include some real gems.


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Nice covers! There seem to be a couple of duplicate links though (the Hitmen and Ingenious Brain links both go to the previous covers instead)
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(the scene.org links, that is, not the image-only links)
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Today we present you with some more Amiga disks from the collection of Thorion a.k.a. Smily, a German Amiga swapper and graphics artist who was active in the late 1980s and the early 1990s and whose letters we featured here some months ago. Full of stickers and scribbles, they remind us about the materiality of data exchange in the era before the mass availability of the internet.


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Once again we are proud to present a few documents from a rare genre – criminal proceedings against scene members. This time, it’s C64 scener TMA/Abyss Connection who supplied us with documents from the proceedings of the criminal case against him in 1990-1991.


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We’re back with some materials that remind you of the materiality of “warez trading” in the 1980s. In these envelopes from The Movers‘ collection, floppy disks with the newest C64 and Amiga cracks and demos travelled around Europe between 1986 and 1988. Most people reused them and ultimately threw them away, but luckily these guys didn’t. There’s a whole box of them in our office now, and here’s just a small selection – featuring sendings from Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands and Switzerland.


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We’re back from a long hiatus – with some spectacular material! In another instalment of scans from the archive of legendary Dutch C64 coder Honey of the 1001 Crew, we present you with letters that were written to him by a equally legendary scene protagonist: Mr. Z, the founder of the famous Swedish C64 cracking group Triad. Written throughout the year of 1987, these eight long letters are a treasure trove in various aspects. If you are a veteran cracker yourself, or simply someone who is interested in copy protection, you will enjoy reading a top cracker discussing protection methods and their circumvention – especially since in one of the later letters, Mr. Z offers to write the copy protection for Honey’s first commercial game. And this is another aspect of interest for those who are into home computing and scene history: Here, we can observe a generation of elite sceners making their first steps from the subculture into the industry – while still being basically schoolkids, discussing sophisticated code and their first business deals alongside the latest pranks and scene gossip. Finally, the letters document Mr. Z’s pullout from Triad and from the scene altogether – with school and “real life” taking hold over someone whose group was adored by tens of thousands computer kids worldwide.


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Thanks to the efforts of Lotek Style, we were able to receive materials that are among the oldest we have. Old German Atari cracker Arthur Dent from the group Copy Service Stuttgart (founded in 1983-84!) has kept these five stickers for over 30 years. They show that as early as in the mid-1980s, cracking groups were into clever “culture jamming” and appropriated well-known trademarks with a pinch of humour.


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Just wanted to say <3 <3 <3 for this project :) Keep up the awesome work!
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Yes, lots of interesting letters etc.
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what psonice said!

and those Mr.Z - Letters are GOLD indeed! :)
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