Demoscene Arduboy Giveaway

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Ah yes, I TLDR'ed, no worries, at least you have my details, just in case now ;)
Yeah. I'll definitely let you know if we get down that far. :) Promise.
Can the thread be pouetised now? :)

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added on the 2016-08-02 23:16:56 by psonice psonice
No! :P I haven't gotten replies from everyone or shipped them yet.
Oh. Call off the pouetisation! Go make an arduboy demo about it instead. :)
added on the 2016-08-03 00:38:22 by psonice psonice
5 of 8 Arduboy Dev Kits shipped. 7 of 8 responded.
Production: 6 of 8 responded, none shipped.

I am working to get them out the door, the ones I shipped initially were inside the US so I was able to label them and pack them fairly quickly. I am hoping within this or the next week to get out those I currently have responses for.

If you see this and haven't responded yet, please check your spam folder. I apparently hit someone's spam folder, and they may not be the only one. No bounces yet, though, but I've seen some servers take a week to respond with a mailer daemon.
I've made contact with everyone and mailed all but one. Some were mailed in the past week and have arrived already. The remainder, save the aforementioned one, were mailed Saturday.
I sent links for references and how to get started today. If you didn't see it, check your spam bin. They were replies to the original conversations. Should be the last e-mail I send to anyone in this.


Also, sorry to say, yeah definitely not doing something like this next year. It's cool, but even the cheaper international shipping still adds up. :P
Oh yes, if you missed out, the Arduboy store is still offering pre-orders and they've finally finished shipping all (or very nearly all) the Kickstarters. They've indicated shipping of preorders will happen soonish and that you should get one now if you wanted before the price goes up $10.
I know, I know... boring updates. I believe 9 have been received by responses from recipients and/or tracking if applicable. If you have received yours please let me know by email or tweeting at @asmcbain to let me know you got it. :)

If you didn't receive the email with links on how to get started, please check your spam bin. Alternatively, I'm going to repeat them below:

Scan of their "getting started" card

Partial (but reasonably complete) set of documentation for the base library:

More documentation links and the community forums:
http://community.arduboy.com/t/welcome-new-developers-a-listing-of-development-l inks-and-articles

The devs of the main core library hang out in the community area and everyone seems to be pretty friendly there. Happy hacking. :)
Ok, now you may Pouetize this. According to tracking or personal response, all Arduboys have been received.