C64 Sprite Editor for C64 Disk and Tape Games??

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What's the program to edit sprites from C64 Disk and Tape Games?
Do you have a problem with deciding what to do?
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SpritePad (win32) is the best one, no doubt.
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...and then here; for more fun, try ripping the sprites in VICE directly using the included monitor (ALT+M) and the "ms" (memsprite) and "s" (save) commands. ;)
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... Derek Ribeiro.... Srsly.


The best lamer solution to change the C64 of game sprite is to le use the crakc moduel "Action Replay MK VI" in le the emlayta Vice (free).

Down the load of the le crakc moduel le here:
http://ar.c64.org/rrwiki/images/7/78/Action_Replay_binaries_rr.c64.org_2013-01 .rar
1988 version is bets version! use le!

laod gaem. freeze. make le sprite to le diks. then edit le spiret, then le use le cariteg to put le sprite baek into le gaem. esiya!

rsi level 3000 quik!
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