demoscene assembly at 33c3

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we are planning on going to the ccc congress in december, anyone else going and up for application for a "demoscene assembly"? more information here:


"assembly" is more or less a table for the whole "group" where you can do whatever you want to display your skillz. and drink beer.

would be nice to have a central meeting point for all the demosceners at 33c3.

anyone in?
added on the 2016-11-02 18:43:32 by steam steam
Wish I could be there. Sounds awesome!
added on the 2016-11-02 19:11:32 by cxw cxw
Wish I could be there, but Unterkonstruktion!
added on the 2016-11-02 20:03:29 by moqui moqui
Rumours say the real scene meeting is held in Gernsheim \o/
added on the 2016-11-02 21:12:02 by T$ T$
i'd love to, but i'm on vacation
added on the 2016-11-03 02:18:00 by dipswitch dipswitch
Seems I'm in, probably from the 28th on :) (sorry underconstruction, I still love you)
added on the 2016-11-22 13:48:11 by kb_ kb_
we finally got tickets, are 6 people, arriving 27th, leaving 30st.

should we register a demoscene assembly that would give us a table and a central meeting position as well as fame and fortune...anyone in?
added on the 2016-12-01 13:23:07 by steam steam
I'll be at 33c3. Would love to meet with you guys there.
added on the 2016-12-01 14:12:25 by chock chock
steam: Go for it. :)
added on the 2016-12-01 14:24:17 by kb_ kb_
Drinking bears \o/
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Anyone bringing equipment vor anything announceworthy?
added on the 2016-12-02 18:59:28 by steam steam

Dear Demoscene,

congratulations! You successfully registered your Assembly for the 33C3 and got accepted. This means we will reserve a space for your Assembly.

If you're going to bring a lot of power consuming stuff and haven't mentioned it in the wiki, please contact us soon. Otherwise we can't promise you a sufficient power supply at your place. If you plan to bring a lot of your gear with you, think twice whether it is really necessary. There will be many like-minded people around, so it is likely to find stuff you would bring at other Assemblies.

There will be a few Shared Tables[1] in the neighborhood of your Assembly. These are for small decentral workshops during the congress, but also for all the others who haven't got their own space. If you plan to do a small workshop at one of the Shared Tables, please remember to tell the people there well in advance, so they can look for a new space. Also keep in mind that if there are free seats at your Assembly, people always can join you (as it always used to be).

This year we will also have so called Open Tables for Assemblies we didn't place. Please keep them clear for those Assemblies.

Be excellent to each other,
the Assembly team
added on the 2016-12-15 17:31:31 by steam steam
i´ve heard there will be glühwein @ unc
and unlimited power if we manage to get biblis running again, too :D
added on the 2016-12-16 00:33:17 by T$ T$
See you there! :)
added on the 2016-12-26 11:44:22 by rp^frstl rp^frstl
we got a quiet place opposing "halle b" that is very promenemtly marked by an a4 page with "demoscene" written on it using a permanent marker...ghettostyle.
added on the 2016-12-27 15:24:13 by steam steam
Watching some of the talks here from home :)
Can you provide a bigger sign? I can't find you :)
added on the 2016-12-28 18:39:55 by kb_ kb_
CCC and any of their activities should be avoided like the plague
added on the 2016-12-29 16:39:38 by lollol lollol
added on the 2016-12-30 18:20:20 by steam steam
posting this here, maybe someone has some ideas:

Dear $Assembly,

you took part with an assembly at the 33C3 and we hope to count on you
again at the 34C3. We are facing some new challenges due to the move to
Leipzig this year. In order to deal with them we are already starting to
plan and we need you as a community.

The assemblies will be grouped thematically this year in order to foster
the growing together of communities/people/groups and to give more room
for content creation. Imagine your assembly from last year, but with a
stage, an auditorium and/or a workshop area next to it. These will be
the cyber compentence centres**. Together with others, your assembly
will take care of tasks like stage management, construction and
disassembly, curation of content, workshop selection and everything else
you want to get off the ground in your area of interest.
We were thinking we'd decorate these areas together with you and the
decoration team in order to make them comfy and to take into account
things like the acoustics, fire safety and so on.
BTW: Constructions larger than 30 sqm are possible but because of
reasons(tm) (again fire safety, general regulations, ...) they will
absolutely need to be discussed with us.

In order to have enough time for planning, we are looking forward to
your "We are interested in topic XY and those are our ideas for shaping
the CCCenter." by mid September.

Questions? Questions!
Your assemblies team, c3-assemblies@lists.ccc.de / smtw

We took a look at the topics of the assemblies, workshops and self
organized sessions of the last years and compiled a list of themes. This
list is by no means complete and it is just meant to serve as a
stimulus. Maybe there is one - or even two - topics among them that you
are especially interested in and where you could imagine forming a cyber
competence centre**.

## Themenliste
## List of Topics

- art & beauty

- coding
- operating system
- functional prog.
- fpga
- machine learning
- cryptocurrency/blockchain
- datavisualization
- big data

- making
- 3d printing / lasercutter / cnc
- ardunino / raspypi / soc
- textile
- food
- robots

- quantified self & health & hackersport

- security
- crypto
- embeded
- forensics
- reverse engering
- hacking
- console hacking

- flying objects

- moving objects

- iot
- car hacking
- ioh - internet of hackerspace

- infrastructure
- maps
- freifunk
- phone
- gsm
- poc
- datanetworks
- hamradio

- politics & society [noisy square supercluster?]
- activism
- anachist
- netzpolitik
- alternative engergies
- human rights
- datenschutz
- citzen science
- law
- licence
- foss
- ngo
- diversity etc

- education
- jugend hackt / young hackers

- biohacking / neurohacking

- audio / podcast

- video / foto / poc

- augmented reality / vr

- rocket science

- vintage
- old but still working stuff

** We haven't managed to come up with a really catchy name for these
topics / assembly clusters / theme villages / superclusters yet.
Therefore we are calling them cyber competence centres for now.
Suggestions are more than welcome.

some cologne/berlin people are going again, "fo sure"
added on the 2017-08-15 09:03:06 by steam steam
push, even have a ticket to sell
added on the 2017-12-12 17:38:10 by steam steam
push, even have a ticket to sell

I´ll take the Ticket ... I need this right!? ;)
added on the 2017-12-12 18:32:02 by mtd^ex mtd^ex
added on the 2017-12-12 18:44:24 by groepaz groepaz