wildest thing ever happened to you (or "your friend") at a demoparty

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not a demoparty but pretty close: a local amiga dude threw a garden party for amiga sceners (+ me and a few friends). the garden was not lit at all and his house was just partially done, so he had a large, open septic tank (a hole dug out from the ground, some pipes dumping stuff in). you can imagine the rest. we stopped counting victims after 5. the same guy fell in several times was counted as 1.

trap #2 was an other empty, rectangle-shaped hole, about 1.5 meters deep, just off from the main path between the garden and the house. at the beginning of the party its circumference was marked with small candles which whe wind blew out during the night. it was not filled with poop but damn it Hurt to fall in. a guy who fell in was pulled out by his gf. the guy trying to impress, tried to make this jumping stand-up, while kicking her already shocked gf in the head, full force. i think they were the same couple who entered homemade artistic S/M porn at wild compos.

when i woke up home i had 2 street signs because.... reasons? (not road signs, but signs with the street name from around that behind-god's-back area)
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I was on a demoparty. I was trying to get back home. I went near the small park with a hill, there were people lying on the grass and chilling. When I passed the park, the big cane field appeared, I had to go thru it to get to the city. I started to run field and I seen the wild animals, birds, going around me. It wasn't very long, I found myself near river, not in the city. There were some Harley riders taking bath and having fun with a hose. I asked them how to get to the city and they told me I need to go back where I was in the opposite direction. So I had to go thru the cane field again, I did.

I was organizing the demoparty and it was near my home, I found some unnecessary items in my bag and dunno how they were there I decided to leave party place and go back home. Meantime I heard info that some three sceners left the party place for a walk and two of them drown in the river.

Yes if you consider these stories unreal - right. two stories were in my dreams, but I liked them so I share them. I quite often dream about demoparties while sleeping. I had not yet any wild stories on demoparties, to be told about, at least I don't consider them wild. I was told few stories about sceners. From the ones I was told about I liked the one with missing scener who decided to get back home very long way by taxi.
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It must have been Chaos Constructions 2014 - after a really great party the afterparty was in a club in St Petersburg called Cluutch, which in essential was a club for nerds, with Game-Consoles, separate room which could be used for concerts or Seminars and even Club-Mate.
The Russian sceners were as always very welcoming and we drank a lot - more than I could handle.
Suddenly blackout - I wake up in the back of a car - the driver is on the phone while driving, speaking a language I don't understand, but definitely not Russian. I check my phone where we are going, and we're constantly going to the east, while I knew that my hotel was on the north.
After some time going in the wrong direction, not knowing how I got in the car and where we were going I started to panic. On the next crossing I opened the door and fell out of the car. The driver got out and shouted at me in broken English: "You mad?? I bring you hotel! Get in the car. Crazy man!" Or sth like that. He indeed brought me to the hotel, after a very awkward 30min more of a ride, including a lot of apologies from my side and a very pissed off driver.
It turned out that the car was an unofficial taxi, which draugven and dfox have put me in to get me home safely. And that the driver had to go east first, because in St Petersburg there is a big island in the middle, which is connected via bridges which are opened in the night for the ships to pass. So he had to go all around that island to get to the north.
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taxi stories after demoparties are always fun. like when i tried to tell the taxi driver - drunk out of my mind - that 'demoscene parties are like american car owner gatherings, where people destroy amigas.... no wait....'

Gargaj or Immortal Rat may actually have some feasible memory of it.

I basically tried to re-tell the story Tomcat told us back then, when he took a cab to an amiga party. the driver was curious about what it is, he just said "it's a gathering of old computer enthusiasts. the pinnacle of the party is that these amiga dudes smash a live, running PC" and the driver said "it's like the american muscle car gatherings where they collectively smash a cheap japanese car into dust"
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