Why almost all modern demos are monocrome?

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Looking at the table of ten top-end demos for a month, I see in it at least four works that are performed in gloomy tones or monochrome. If you want monochrome or black and white so well, then you would code under MDA or Hercules graphics. Why you are using 4k monitors and top videocard? We fought for millions of colors, but people still go to B/W. What is it? Can you explain it to me?
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Just take a look at the late nineties when 16/24/32 bit color modes came available for DOS demos/intros :)
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Think about the possibilities of text, we fought for Unicode and megabytes of message capacity and bandwidth, and still people are posting stuff like this thread. Are they trying to SAY something or what is wrong with them?
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Does not compute.
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Because it looks better? If not universally then situationally in the least (i.e. an artistic choice, often a smart one). Colors are ovarrated anyways, tones are much more interesting, and significantly more important anyway even if you do use color. Secondly colors are hard; please don't use them if you don't understand color.

Why you are using 4k monitors and top videocard?

Because I wanna do interesting (ymmv) nice looking effects on modern hardware? Do you think black and white photography was a thing only due to technical limitations that disappeared in the advent of color film? (Rhetorical question... yeah, you do.)
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Looking at Tronix' profile, I see at least three works that are performed in palette modes. If you want colour graphics so well, then you would code under 4K with 32bpp. Why you are using lousy XT and CGA videocard? We fought for millions of colors, but you still go to 1980's palette mode crap. What is it? Can you explain it to me?
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and when you DO use million of colors, people will complain your color scheme is too Dutch!
Why, oh why does this thread remind me of this...

BB Image
Hugi #29, August 2004, 520 kb of articles.
Section: "Demoscene - Opinion"
Article: "How To Save The Demo Scene?"
Written by: EP / CosmiK

3) Remove black and be creative

The problem with nowadays demos is their lack of creativity: 80% of the time I download stuff from scene.org or pouet.net I do not see nice contents: black environments with geometric shapes, quite anxious stuff and this will not drive more people to the scene.


Human beings wants to have illusion, dreams, not bad sides of reality like what they see on the news bulletin. That means they want creative contents, meaning copying even the style is not a great idea. Just take an afternoon to go to the biggest supermarket near you: in the gallery you will see a lots of different things, different structures, different objects, different people, different colors, different musics, different environments, different backgrounds, different products. This is there because we don't have the same needs, we don't have the same desires, we don't have the same needs. That's true for video gamers and that's true for demo watchers.

Try also to visit a museum, a toys shop, an animal shop, well see other things than demos and you will see that demos must change to get more numbers, more tricks and a satisfied audience. To survive, the scene has to change and to be more creative: the nature is an infinite source of creativity, just see how many birds, fishes, animals, fruits, plants have been created by mother nature.

Yes seeing a firm, a factory with rusty pipes, fumes,
cars or geometric stuff isn't fun at all,
it's simply boring, annoying, and not original at all.
It's even more than that: it's frightening.
To see what attraction means, play superfrog, charly II, WarCraft III.

Music is the way to talk to the soul, never forget that either. The humans beings with all their different cultures are also a great path to explore to view diversity: the Indians, the Egyptians, the different people of Europe, the United States, Asia, Russia have each ten or even more cultures.

See all these beautiful women from the different parts of the world, see dances, see dancers, see animals in zoo, that's life, that's motion, see their expressions, their eyes, that's life, that's emotions.

The web is a great opportunity to discover them and big books can help us extract something and showing it in demos, and finding not known objects and texture to render. IMHO (In my Humble Opinion), the death of 2D graphics is a big mistake: even nowadays with the horse power we have, months of works are needed to get a 3D project running up. I mean 2D graphics are fastly drawn and have a human touch a 3D textured scene will never have. This is because a pen and a sheet of paper will be forever more simpler to master than a raytracer. The resolution of the human hand on 2D graphics is the pixel, the resolution of a raytracer is conditionned by vectors. A dot is thinner and more precise than a line. A human touch will be rendered in 2D graphics because there will be a man drawing, not a machine rendering: triangle aren't really sexy, nor human, too sharpy. Human beings do things for people better than machines do, just because human beings are sensing what they do to the same nature being, just because we have intelligence, feelings, sensations, intuitions, perceptions a computer will never have.

See how Nintendo / Apple are surviving today:
they make video games / computers not industrially,
they made them like craft workers, that means with love.

Making demos with techno music all the time is also a bad habit: there is a lot of surroundings to get with guitar, jazzy, and not know at all type of instruments like trumpet, indian flûte, and such unknown instruments. Remember that music is a really important part of a demo.

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just stop making your demos for the fun of it and listen to what HUGI says!!!
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Colors are for children
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If you want monochrome or black and white so well, then you would code under MDA or Hercules graphics.

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My stuff is mostly monochrome but the reason is I'm bad with colors and partly colorblind. So its just easier, comes of as artistic and speeds up the progress. I also find limiting one dimension can help creatively as it pushes you to investigate other avenues which otherwise might not have been traversed. I have a hunch my next demo will be monochrome too unless I can get someone good with colors to cooperate with..:)
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We fought for millions of colors, but people still go to B/W. What is it? Can you explain it to me?

Did you fight really hard? Anyway, people still shoot black & white photography, so that's something to ponder.
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Because of graphics like the one cited by Adok.
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I for one am happy we left childish candy colors behind, most demos still look like a neon orgy but without the coder/dutch colors, and that's good
Well, that´s because i used up all the colors available in my prods...everyone else is left with almost nothing now! ;)
Before that we all kept using all the colors to deliver colorshocks to japanese brains! :D
Modern graphics cards can display more shades of grey than your Hercules.
Saw the title, made assumption, clicked and confirmed.
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why demoscenes still make question thread
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Even I am guilty.
If you want monochrome or black and white so well, then you would code under MDA or Hercules graphics. Why you are using 4k monitors and top videocard?

People always must code with top and high end Graphic Cards? :D
So many things you can do with those high end parts. Not always demo related stuffs.
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What djhoffman said. Also, quoting ep? Seriously...
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