Memory Full - Amstrad CPC demoscene history

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Have you ever dreamt of diving into the Amstrad CPC demoscene history, and crawling in the middle of parties, groups and famous prods who made it from the very beginning?

Then visit our new work in progress website: http://memoryfull.net

added on the 2017-12-16 12:05:27 by toms toms
Wow, that's really unexpected. And the main site is in English. And many infos already about parties, sceners, demos. How long did that take to collect the info? Will it be like Pouet where users could directly add or edit info or will it go through sending information to admins?
added on the 2017-12-16 16:48:26 by Optimus Optimus
Heh, I read some of the think I was asking in the About page right now :)
added on the 2017-12-16 16:58:05 by Optimus Optimus
looks pretty nice! cool stuff!
added on the 2017-12-17 16:25:32 by psenough psenough
Awesome work!
added on the 2017-12-17 17:42:23 by ltk_tscc ltk_tscc
Lovely site; at least some ZX sceners will follow it too.
added on the 2017-12-19 00:05:33 by introspec introspec
very nice site!
added on the 2017-12-19 09:42:21 by gentleman gentleman
well needed website since pushNpop closure... I recently updated a little bit the CPCwiki on the matter (too few party and prods pages properly updated since the early 2010s) but still a proper dedicated website with nice graphics is good too.
added on the 2017-12-19 23:57:07 by MacDeath MacDeath
It would be nice if you can get answers on the site like pushnpop

Sometimes i'm really miss one
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added on the 2017-12-20 06:21:49 by g0blinish g0blinish
The CPC scene currently lacks visibility on the web ; so this is good and well appreciated !!
Thanks for your time & dedication.
added on the 2017-12-20 22:58:27 by norecess norecess
I always tried to lure the CPC guys over to Demozoo... we need more supporters over there ;) https://demozoo.org/productions/?platform=36&production_type=
added on the 2017-12-21 09:32:52 by ltk_tscc ltk_tscc
btw, why cpcpower closed for teh registration?
added on the 2017-12-21 11:15:06 by g0blinish g0blinish
If you understand french (or have a reliable translator), Tom&Jerry/GPA wrote a huge article about musical creation history on Amstrad CPC. Have a nice reading!
added on the 2017-12-29 21:03:06 by toms toms
Ready for a trip 30 years ago?? We interviewed Two-Mag/ GPA and learnt many things about his cracking activities during the end of the eighties!

Ready for the future?? Roudoudou wrote an interesting article about the CPC version he made of the famous Shrinkler decompressor, which will be very useful for the making of the next 4K intros!

Finally, we added a new section to the website to access all the recorded sceners in our database, as a kind of face book.
added on the 2018-03-21 17:49:27 by toms toms
Please help!
I'm trying to view "Smile" entry (Revision 2018 oldskool graphics) on Amstrad CPC emulator (Arnold 1.7.9 for MacOS). After loading "-FINAL" or any "STAGEx.BIN" I see "Memory full".
How can I watch the pic?
added on the 2018-04-04 17:19:29 by Manwe Manwe
Did you try RUN"-FINAL" instead of LOAD"-FINAL"?
added on the 2018-04-04 17:24:08 by toms toms
Did you try RUN"-FINAL" instead of LOAD"-FINAL"?
Oh, is it so easy? Thank you a lot! Works now.
I just saw real Amstrad CPC in 1990 last time, so forgot everything.

By the way, where I can ask a few question about early Amstrad demoscene?
I remember th simple demo that displays a sport car (Ferrari-like) and plays digital (sampled) rock music. Can anybody remember it?
And the second demo: flying vector 3D figures with Johann Strauss waltz.
added on the 2018-04-04 17:36:51 by Manwe Manwe
You should visit CPC-Wiki forum, many Amstrad sceners are there to answer your questions ;)
added on the 2018-04-04 19:06:00 by toms toms
The first thing you are describing; are you sure it was a demo? See https://youtube.com/watch?v=1jZebThkC78
The first thing you are describing; are you sure it was a demo? See https://youtube.com/watch?v=1jZebThkC78
Oh, that's it, probably! I thought the music has a better quality (I recorded it to the audio cassette back then). Now I'm listening to Atari ST version and found it much closer to the record I made in 1990. How it is possible? May be Schneider CPC I used has some extra sound card or something like this?
added on the 2018-04-04 21:26:45 by Manwe Manwe
Nah. Crappy audio capture in this youtube video is more likely. I used to listen to this with speakers pluged in, was way better.
After some research, we finally got in touch with New Way Cracking (NWC)! We can consider him as the first important Amstrad CPC demomaker, since he started his activities in the middle of 1987. He was the first to do fullscreen, hardware scrollings or classical splitting in a demo... just that! So, here is the interview of NWC!
added on the 2018-09-10 12:57:36 by toms toms
you're doing a great job for the CPC scene! congrats!
added on the 2018-09-10 23:29:26 by siko siko
We opened a forum to talk about CPC development and history. You can join the discussions by using your SceneID, a login system maintained by Scene.org (thanks a lot guys!), already used on a variety of demoscene related websites, such as Pouët.net, Demoparty.net, Capped.TV and more. No more passwords mess!
added on the 2018-09-28 20:01:49 by toms toms
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added on the 2018-09-28 20:15:59 by Gargaj Gargaj