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simply Silly Venture style!

That's correct, some releases still haven't been uploaded and people shouldn't expect this to happen any time soon (last year it took 1-2 months).
added on the 2018-11-08 17:58:43 by vv8 vv8
@w8: hello LiSU! Nice to hear from you :) Don't worry, all the releases will be uploaded within 2 weeks :) it's 117 compo entries in general, some people asked for extra time. But thanks for keeping fingers crossed ;) Cheers!
added on the 2018-11-09 11:38:44 by grey grey
Hi all,

Thanks again to Grey for this fantastic edition of the SillyVenture. It was a pleasant edition. We met lot of friends. Technical speeking, laughing, ...

added on the 2018-11-09 13:53:45 by Thadoss Thadoss
Grey: hi, does EVERY single prod need to wait? Can't you just upload whatever you have in the meantime? Man, it's been 5 days since the party ended.

I don't personally demand respect since I'm known for not really respecting SV, but if you care about other people you might want to do something, especially after going on and on about how big and important this party is supposed to be.
added on the 2018-11-09 18:06:18 by vv8 vv8
=) We are not teens anymore having time for the scene only ;). Andif some dudes need time to release finals, well, it wont hurt noone waiting a little bit...
Patience is a virtue, and let it be like that.

Peace =).
added on the 2018-11-09 20:47:02 by sim sim
@w8: "you are known for not really respecting SV"? well, that's something new to me, honestly (and so rude, didn't expect that). What happend? What was wrong?

Of course I also don't demand any respect from you for SV, as well as for my person (especially). But just face the facts - this party was visited again by over 200 visitors (234, to be precised) and there was 117 entries submitted. I work hard for the event for more than 8 months (look, there's 8 invitations released, for example). So your "after going on and on about how big and important this party is supposed to be" is very malicious. And I have no idea WHY. If you have anything personal - you can always mail me or make a phone call (both can be found on SV2k18 web-site).

And, btw compo entries - we have also in the rules this sentence "The entries need to be submitted to the party organisers no later than one week before the party". I've got Your remote Wild entry from Bocianu at SV2k18 _DURING_ the compos on Saturday (exactly at 21:57pm). I agreed to show it without any moaning, because I respect work of everyone.

The situation of "delayed" uploading of some compo entries repeat every year, but most of the people do not complain (mainly the people who don't come) and patiently wait. And there's still a lot people coming and submitting compo entries (even announcing the new ones for 2019 edition). Is it a coincidence? :)

Good luck, Man :) Bright up your life :D
added on the 2018-11-09 20:55:17 by grey grey
but most of the people do not complain (mainly the people who don't come) and patiently wait.

Probably because they would like to see/listen to the entries too. I'm sorry if you felt hurt. Thanks in advance for the uploads.
added on the 2018-11-09 21:45:46 by vv8 vv8
Thoroughly enjoyed myself in .pl once again.

ST games and Falcon demos ruled this time :-)

Would go again.

Thanks Grey!
added on the 2018-11-09 22:10:40 by CiH CiH
Keep calm dear friends Atarians, keep calm and peace for everyone!

@w8 - your sentence "I'm known for not really respecting SV" is in fact a bit unfortunate and sounds rude - perhaps you'd like to use slightly more polite language? I may only guess what you meant - you don't put so much attention to it, you don't consider it as most important among other parties etc. But respect you should have, especially, for reasons that Grey said about.

@Grey - do not treat everyone's opinion so serious. It's natural that just people not being at party will push for publishing the most - as attendants have seen it already :)

@all: I know what rules documents says. But everyone knows that rules were bended for favour of many people - we were accepting entries well after deadline (even extended one), even if it's very problematic due to maintain voting system. So please be tolerant as well and have more patience waiting for stuff - a lot of it authors publihed anyway by themselves so patience, patience - there are good resons for this delay. And have a great day :)
added on the 2018-11-10 14:46:36 by wieczor wieczor
@w8 : just for your info, I spend one year making my falcon demos each year, working with other people (graphists, musicians), for my pleasure, their pleasure and, I wish, your pleasure.
Each year, when I arrive to sillyVenture, the demo is not finished (you know real life, work, wife, kids, parents, cooking, tidy the house, visit friends, sometimes, doing nothing, ...)

BUT I feel the right to spread my final demo when me and all the team is pleased with the final result. At 45 years old, I code demos for my pleasure, as a hobby, not because of constraints or I don't know what.

2 years ago, I spread "Electric Night" in january. The 2 extra months of coding allowed us to polish the demo and add an extra sequence. We were very pleased with the final reasult, not with the demo showed at the party. Each year, I expressly ask Pietr not to spread my demo and he's OK with that.

Without the SillyVenture, I would probably haven't coded anything the last 6 years. I'm a big kick in the ass for me ;)

So, please, don't be rude, be patient, enjoy life, come and visit sillyVenture next year and we'll drink a beer together, but PLEASE, don't ask people what they must give you or must do for you. Everybody is free to do whatever he wants.

And we are speaking of an atari hobby ;)

Best regards, enjoy life, have fun, stay (H)atari.

Thadoss / Dune
added on the 2018-11-10 15:38:39 by Thadoss Thadoss
You should read : "it's a big kick in the ass for me" and not "I'm a big kick in the ass for me" which means nothing ;)
added on the 2018-11-10 15:41:05 by Thadoss Thadoss
I'm a big kick in the ass for me.
added on the 2018-11-10 18:12:40 by skarab skarab
Yes, I meant "not a big fan of" rather "not really respecting", sorry for everyone who felt offended by this.
added on the 2018-11-10 20:29:25 by vv8 vv8
@Thadoss: thanks Laurent!

@w8: well, you wrote that you "don't personally demand respect since you are known for not really respecting SV" - so this explanation about "not a big fan of" makes no sense, sorry. I received it as a unnecessary resentment manifesto, and I still have no idea why you did it (and what for?). We met at RiverWash this year, shaked hands... WTF happend?

I've accepted your remote entry in the middle of the compos happening, because we know each other and I had no idea what you really think. I am very dissapointed about your current behavior. I heard some rumours about your statements on the other Atari parties, but I treated that as craptalking. Until now.

Sorry to all for my emotional reply. I've spent another year for making SV as good as possible - at the expense of my Family and job. Uniting all the Atari communities, organising invitros for all possible Atari platforms, searching for prizes, sponsors, media partners, making available free kegs of polish beer, layer cake, enegry drinks, free Atari calendars, free tickets for guests playing a concert (including accommodation), limousine trip, discounts for hostels, hotels and TAXI service telling "ATARI" as a password for _ALL_ visitors. And I don't get a single coin for that (it's so easy to check). Every year I am also arranging help for coders to find graphicians, musicians, or support from the other coders - so it wasn't just logistic side of the event, but in GENERAL. I did all than my best, I couldn't make it any better. So I really don't understand when somebody show "no respect" for all effort put in it. Every free minute of my life was spent on that. And that's why over 200 ppl come and submit their entries in such huge amount.

I haven't decided about another SV edition yet (even if the new date was given by somebody on the pouet already), but I will do in next few weeks.
added on the 2018-11-10 21:31:03 by grey grey
*free tickets for guest playing a concert = free fly tickets even.
added on the 2018-11-10 21:38:08 by grey grey
c'mon guys, this is all a bit over the top don't you think? some people really like SV and make room for it in their agendas every year, like thadoss explained so eloquently, and some other people are not such big fans but still want to support the scene so they enter the competitions remotely. sv orgas are happy to accept those remote entries, right? so don't you think it's normal for remote participants to want to see the other prods in the compo that they entered? seeing orgas being so annoyed at folks who supported them with a release because they didn't make it to the party is maybe not the best way to motivate other potential remote entrants. jus' sayin'... ;)
added on the 2018-11-10 23:19:26 by havoc havoc
@havoc: no, it's not about remote entries :) it was just an example. I received LiSU (w8) entry during the compos, and the guy who delivered it on pendrive
asked: "Grey, it's a wild entry from LiSU. if you still can accept it - that's fine". And of course I agreed without _ANY_ moaning :) And there was even more entries delivered like that, like ZX Spectrum invitro sent by Tygrys/Speccy.PL - we were both online during the compos 'coz I couldn't run it :) I
was fighting with His entry for about 2.5 hour :D I do party for releases so I never moan.

My answer here was about "respect" for somebody's work in general. I don't come to many other parties abroad, but it doesnt' mean I don't respect them. I do. But I have a family, work and... limited cash. That's why I visited only 2 other parties this year.

But ok, nevermind. I still recover after the latest weekend :) Cheers guys! And see you next year (maybe)? ;)
added on the 2018-11-10 23:46:39 by grey grey
i think he was simply asking to upload all the party stuff... you spend more time typing a reply like that than uploading whatever crap that's left that still need to go in public ftp space :P
@Pablo Escrollbar: lol :D
added on the 2018-11-11 01:03:58 by grey grey
Thank you Grey and all Atari people for giving me much joy when discovering SilliyVenture entries (117, wow...).

(I even appreciate them 1 month or 2 after the party! ;-P )
added on the 2018-11-11 15:06:53 by baah baah
@havoc: And Outline is great, too! :-D
added on the 2018-11-11 15:08:45 by baah baah

added on the 2018-11-12 20:47:00 by grey grey
Let us hope the Sillyventure years continue, because they deserve to :) So many enjoyable parties in the wonderful city of Gdansk (at least from a personal point of view) the first one in 2000 and then the regular annual visits since 2011.

The concerts, the atmosphere, the classic devils-shows and the people always make Sillyventure a party that we must attend each year, hopefully with some kind of a release too as a bonus :)

The culture in Gdansk is also fantastic too. CiH and I visited the new Museum of World War II that was located a mile or so from the partyplace and this was very interesting to us. It's a recommended visit for everyone as a wind down from the party itself.

Hope to see everyone again in 2019 back in Gdansk ! :)
added on the 2018-11-12 20:57:22 by Felice Felice