Phases of being a scener

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My phases of being a demoscener

0. Finding/discovering the scene, watching demos
1. ‎Visiting your first party, making friends
2. ‎Having tons of demo ideas, feel like contributing
3. ‎Making your first release (which is total crap), being sad because of bad critics at pouet.net
4. ‎Visiting more parties
5. ‎Making better releases (your first compo win), not careing about pouet comments that much
6. Having a life, not making releases very often
7. ‎Missing demoscene, making compofillers anyway
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8. Learn to play the bagpipes
9. Get the last single-digit phase number. OLD ELITE!!!
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A. Discover hex numbers.
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B. Blue boxing to the states
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C. make prods that surpass the limits of space and time
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D. leave space in your code for a NOP
F. be careful to never skip a step!
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In my case, this was quite a bit different...

0. Reading about the demoscene in the book "PC Underground" and dismissing it as uninteresting
1. Starting to write for "PC-Heimwerker" magazine
2. Getting penpals due to my activitiy in "PC-Heimwerker" magazine
3. A penpal wants to start a new diskmag. I code an engine for him and he makes me second main editor
4. I release the first issue of the diskmag
5. A reader writes the diskmag is nice but it is not about the "real" scene, the "real" scene being the demoscene, and that nobody in the world has better programming skills than demosceners
6. I get interested in the demoscene again
7. I get in touch with demosceners via IRC
8. A demoscener tells me I should make my diskmag a demoscene-related magazine
9. I make my diskmag a demoscene-related magazine and have great success with that, the number of readers increases tenfold and also the graphics, music and code of the diskmag improve dramatically
10. I feel that I won't make a diskmag about the demoscene for ever but for some reason I can't stop
11. I attend my first demoparty and am happy about how well I am received by the people there
12. After enrolling at university I put my personal homepage online and all of a sudden the situation changes, with me getting a lot of negative feedback from demosceners, saying that they don't like me
13. I continue making the diskmag nevertheless
14. I sometimes attend demoparties and then I usually feel enthusiastic about the scene for a while and even try to make productions of my own (mostly tiny intros or games)
15. I feel "WTF, why do I dedicate so much time to something that should actually play just a minor role in my life while there are so many other things which I could occupy myself with"
16. I write bullshit to pouet.net
17. I swear that I will leave the scene
18. Loop 14
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H. Like sleeping in a hotel
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0. OMG ZE DEMOSCENE, ze amazing
6.... coding in between
7. Wondering FML what am i doing
9. Watching demos on youtube, fast forwarding to catch an effect or two.
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Not exactly in zat ordear
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The universal phases:

0. You are born.
1. You learn.
2. You learn more.
X. You release productions.

Ideally, this loops forever.
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2nd time for me "scener" seems like dirty word.
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2. Origins of the pig
3. Klämrisk
4. Repeat
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1. discover demoscene through magazines and some weekly computer club as a young teenager
2. listening to tracked music. a lot. wanting to make some myself, don't know how.
3. running a demo at home. being stunned. getting hands on fasttracker. plan of losing virginity postponed.
4. eventually going to a demoparty with a music compo release
5. music compo release is not disqualified, some people clap. ranks #9. feeling happy because my song was played loud and i'm 16.
6. make more music. make friends. join demogroups. help party organizing. all local.
7. discover IRC. make friends abroad. get into making chiptunes/smalltunes, gaining fame
8. make demosongs for the 2 currently biggest demogroups (FR & HJB) for the same party
9. discovering there are cooler people outside of demoscene. abandoning demoscene for about 7-8 years but still making music.
10. becoming flatmate of function main orga. obligatory return to demoparties.
11. shit's good, still attending demoparties while maintaining non-demoscene creativity as well.
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my friend Lorenzo/DS has no account but he adds:

> 1. being astonished by a new thing, called "demoscene"
> 2. learning a lot from fellow sceners
> 3. doing some shit background, "not ready to release" 🙂 (it never will be good enough)
> 4. get shitfaced at tons of events
> 5. making your first music release as a coder at beethoven compo placed at 3rd
> 6. making your first RELEASED intro by pressure to sell your winning price to be able to get home
> 7. realize that you have no time for this "shit" but still being an enthusiast
> 8. using your skills (motivated by the scene) outside the scene as a job
added on the 2018-02-22 11:08:51 by nagz nagz
1. make account on pouet
2. neglect it for about 10-12 years
3. get bored
4. make prods
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7. Random number
Phase x: doing a phd
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if you're new in 2018:

1. longtail to a demo on youtube from initial "nerds are cool" bing search
2. fling massive prejudice in comments about drug users who probably made these
3. watch more demos anyway
4. after seeing Saint by halcyon & da jormas, take 2 weeks long sick leave, watch every related video
5. buy an amiga on eBay. never turn it on. yell AMIGAAAAA when drunk, regardless of drinking company.
6. go to startup events. shout at CTOs for being a sellout for using smartphones, and everything was better in 1994 anyway.
7. start comparing chiptune leads you hear in songs to Jeroen Tel instead of Super Mario. Always announce it loudly.
8. develop a musky smell.
9. walk up to a solid 9/10 girl at nearby bar. ask her about Gaspode. yell at her if she gets confused and leave the bar, fuming.
10. start sketching ideas how you could amalgamate your job with demoscene. be afraid to post on pouet about it because you're afraid it's lame (you're right)
10+1. eventually end up living in Germany or Finland. if you're originally from either of those countries, end up living in the other one.
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era of 2014(?)

n-1. be amazed by all those cool raymarching 4ks
n. read all raymarching forums and IQ's tutorials (but ignore the ones where maths is too complicated)
n+1. copy/merge all the sample codes together (modify colors, constants)
n+2. find a musician at wanted.org, and ask for a tune
n+3. release your mediocre intro

welcome to the bandwagon! :)
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forgot one: vodka+Shashlyking=dihalt
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