Solskogen 2018 — Bleep, Bloop, Computers! (13th to 15th July)

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added on the 2018-07-14 10:47:38 by Sesse Sesse
So we're slowly trying to return back to normal… :-) Results and files are on scene.org, and all the video (compos, prizegiving, DJ set, basket compo) should be up on YouTube now. I've also published some pictures (I'm sure others will share theirs as well).

It's fantastic that so many of you want to spend your time and money to come to Solskogen. Walking around and seeing people enjoy themselves is really the greatest reward you can get as an organizer—it makes all the work worthwhile. Thanks to everyone who came, everyone who handed something in and everyone that participated in a live compo—and then a special shoutout to the people huddling around the chess board. You really gave the organizer team a run for our money this time, and I was expecting a defeat nearly the entire game until some last-minute errors in the wee morning hours that opened up a trap that caused a turnaround.

Some of you may have noticed a shadow containing a Solskogen logo on the big screen. As far as we know, this was caused by an image persistence issue (the same slide had been visible for too long at a time). It wasn't an intentional move by us (and it wasn't on the stream, which gets an exact duplicate of the image)—we strive very hard to make sure what's in your display registers is reproduced in the best possible way for the audience, and adding overlays is not part of that. We hope it wasn't too annoying, and we're certainly considering our options to make sure this doesn't happen in the future :-)

Hallvard Fark Ulsund posted an awesome video from this party, which we got permission to reshare. Hope you enjoyed the party as much as we did, and welcome back to the next Solskogen, July 12–14th, 2019!
added on the 2018-07-16 14:17:34 by Sesse Sesse
You really gave the organizer team a run for our money this time, and I was expecting a defeat nearly the entire game until some last-minute errors in the wee morning hours that opened up a trap that caused a turnaround.

added on the 2018-07-16 17:50:36 by Deus Deus
Great party, no broken ankles this time which helped my mood.
Also was being stupid on Friday just working but I made up for it on Saturday

There is NO point to come to these things if you are just gonna spend your time in front of a computer.
added on the 2018-07-16 18:01:19 by Deus Deus

Actually the move that turned it around was Qg6, which was not by you. :-) (Granted, the organizer team didn't jump on the opportunity at the first moment, and several more mistakes were made by both sides, but that's the move that introduces the problem of leaving e8 unprotected, which was the basic problem that led to the turnaround.)
added on the 2018-07-16 18:34:14 by Sesse Sesse
Was a great time (as usual), must give my respects to the crew organizing such a nice party !!

Arrived at thursday and was allowed to put up our Amigas that evening (very nice), could feel the creative atmopshere already :)

Friday: Party kicked off with a really nice speed painting session, cograts to the winner Powersimon, but all entered came up with nice pictures ... Live shader compo also such a nice compo, cobgratz to Rohtie !! Very nice to start with the live compos btw :) Missed the live music, hope people will joinm next year on that ...

Saturdat was the compo and bbq day, too bad the firedepartment had issued a non bbq prohibition but food was served and it was tasting grrrrreat ;)

Compos was all very nice, quite a bunch of entries in oldschool music and demos so i was very happy, m y contribution was too late, but next year :))))

So to sum it up, was a great time, nice weather, great people, friendly crew .. Keep it going all involved... !!
added on the 2018-07-18 11:38:50 by kriz kriz
Sesse: On the Solskogen-chess, do you have .pgn available for download anywhere?
Maybe someone who is interested in Demos and Chess is interested in looking at that game, how it turned out to be in the end. Just as a sidenote.
added on the 2018-07-19 09:04:36 by rudi rudi
Sure, the moves are in the results.txt file. I can paste them here, too:

Code:1. e4 c5 2. Nc3 Nc6 3. Nf3 d6 4. Bc4 Bg4 5. O-O Nf6 6. d3 Nd4 7. Bb5+ Nd7 8. Bxd7+ Qxd7 9. e5 Bxf3 10. gxf3 dxe5 11. Re1 Qf5 12. Re3 g6 13. Nd5 O-O-O 14. c3 Rxd5 15. cxd4 exd4 16. Re4 a6 17. Bf4 g5 18. Bg3 h5 19. h4 Qh3 20. Qa4 gxh4 21. Rxh4 Qf5 22. Rf4 Qxd3 23. Rd1 Qg6 24. Qc4 Qe6 25. b4 d3 26. Rxd3 Qe1+ 27. Kg2 e6 28. Rxd5 exd5 29. Qxd5 Qc3 30. Qf5+ Kc7 31. Rc4+ Kc6 32. Rxc3 Bd6 33. Bxd6 Kxd6 34. bxc5+ 1-0 {Mate in 7, world team resigns}
added on the 2018-07-19 10:36:00 by Sesse Sesse
BB Image
added on the 2018-07-26 22:56:01 by rudi rudi
Hey, clicked in here by accident but saw the chess game. It's already almost over after move 4. ... Bg4? because of 5.Bxf7+! Kxf7 6.Ng5+ Ke8(any other king move is much worse) 7. Qxg4 and one pawn ahead, king safety destroyed and ongoing attack. Denying the sacrifice with 5. ... Kd7 just leads to the same kind of position. Funnily enough quickly after, black was much ahead much of the time, but eventually giving away the advantage, getting attacked itself and falling for a beautiful discovered check with queen loss ... interesting game! =)
added on the 2018-07-27 09:55:35 by HellMood HellMood
Yes, your analysis is spot on. But none of us saw Bxf7+! at the time (I didn't see it before computer analysis after the party). It's a nice opening trap that one should probably know, but I wasn't the one getting us into the closed Sicilian :-)
added on the 2018-07-27 10:05:09 by Sesse Sesse
Wait ... Sesse? you're the guy running this monster computer covering analysis for chess tournaments! Awesome work on your side, Respect! I'm longtime TCEC supporter and moderator since the start =)
added on the 2018-07-27 10:22:19 by HellMood HellMood
Yes, that's my machine. :-) It was not used for this game, obviously!
added on the 2018-07-27 10:36:15 by Sesse Sesse
After reading about various troubles in http://www.solskogen.no/treating-oldschool-right/

I'm curious whether Amiga resolution switching will cause any problems with nowadays beamers? At an earlier Solskogen, switching between 320x256 and 640x256 didn't cause any problems. However what if switching between a non interlaced mode and an interlaced mode such as 640x512?

Watching a few past compos I (seem to) remember the beamer got thrown into "detecting signal" mode after resolution change losing a few seconds of the demo in the process.

The worst thing I witnessed wrt screen mode and projector problems was probably "Invitation None" by Sonik which runs in NTSC and failed on the Gathering projector. Then there is this one part in Love by Fairlight which looked weird on a few projectors as well.
added on the 2018-10-09 16:04:33 by rloaderro rloaderro
If you send the Amiga signal somehow directly to the projector with no scaling, and if you actually change the video mode, there will indeed be a long pause during retrain. However, when it comes to an analog signal, 320x256 and 640x256 are not really different modes from the projector's perspective—“horizontal resolution” is just how often the color happens to change (there's no sync signal saying where a pixel starts and ends, that's just for lines and frames/fields). This is also the reason that Workbench is able to keep multiple resolutions on screen at the same time, by the way. However, if you change the number of _vertical_ lines, or the refresh rate, that's a mode change, which means a retrain.

At Solskogen, we always run 1080p60 (1080p50 during oldschool compos) to the projector, so mode changes are up to the scaler to do fast. And the OSSC/Decimator combo does this fairly rapidly, as far as I know.
added on the 2018-10-10 12:17:56 by Sesse Sesse
Framemeister (which we’re using at TRSAC) does not handle mode switches fast. It takes roughly 4-5 seconds before it outputs a signal again after a more switch.
I’ve seen projectors also having similar issues, so I guess it depends entirely on the device used for displaying/processing “chain”
added on the 2018-10-10 17:08:03 by Puryx Puryx
Ok thanks for clarifying. I think it should be safest to stay away from mode changes then.
added on the 2018-10-14 10:32:53 by rloaderro rloaderro