party.darklite.org - Demoparty travel planning

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Announcing: https://party.darklite.org/

A demoscene site where you can enter and view how people are traveling to demoparties. Login is via SceneID.

Some of you may recognize the predecessor for this, which was done in wikispaces. Now that wikispaces has gone the way of the dodo, we decided to make a dedicated service for this.

May contain traces of nuts and python code. Does contain bugs.

We also released a little wild video party prod at Vortex about this, for those interested: https://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=79229

I do plan to release the code in a public git repo.

This official thread will also address any questions, bugs, worries and feature requests.

Enjoy RESPONSEbly!


T-101 / Darklite
added on the 2018-12-04 15:42:59 by T-101 T-101
That's really useful! :) Cool.
added on the 2018-12-05 15:37:54 by NR4 NR4