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Doing a review of some obscure artists on Nectarine and I happened across this artist called "3 Wheel Motion". We are missing some of their tracks. I was surprised to find hardly any traces at all of them online: no hits for the song titles, and only one entry in Modland for a track we don't even have on the site.

So I turn to Pouet - Does anyone know who "3 Wheel Motion" was/is? Could be a musician or a group.

Some digging in old Usenet postings turned up the following clues:
* This list of scene groups published 2/2/1998 shows 3 Wheel Motion, abbreviated 3WM, and already "dead"

* This BBS advert from Sascha Barabba for POWER-BBS in Germany (?), crediting 3Wheel Motion Support for "(sound files of all kinds)"
https://groups.google.com/forum/#!search/3wheel$20motion/fido.ger.mailbox/oHqtkQ 4qkfo/tR9gbu4ERnkJ

* A Winamp-generated playlist containing "3WMWhoTheFuckIsThomasKrug.mp3" with spammy links to various mp3 search engines. "3 Wheel Motion feat MalmaX" in the artist field, "Ripped by MalmaX!" in the comment column. Nothing comes up for searches for MalmaX.


So, it looks like a DE musician, active around 1995-1996, member of POWER-BBS run by Sascha Barabba, and possibly connected to another person / artist handle MalmaX.
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