이보크 / evoke 2019 | August 16–18 | Cologne Germany

category: parties [glöplog]
a selection of darya's amazing photos has just been added to slengpung.com
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Pictures won't make it justice, but I tried - Here's a massive photo album for you! Thanks for being awesome as always :)

Great pictures, good job :)
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darya: Very nice selection, thanks for the pictures!
wow, great pics, darya!
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@hfr: who did that? o_O

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SiR provided more pictures. Enjoy!
I'm suffering from evoke withdrawal!

It was my first demoparty and I loved, met a lot of amazing ppl and had a really great time.

Thanks to the organizers and everyone else!
against any withdrawal symptoms, you can now play the evoke 2019 jingle at home:

BB Image

evoke 2019 jingle
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