Demosplash 2019 - 8-9 November - Pittsburgh, USA

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CMUCC is proud to announce Demosplash 2019!
The party will be held at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on November 8th and 9th. If you register before October 11th, admission for the entire event including meals is only USD $25.

Now in its 9th year, Demosplash will have all the events you've come to enjoy, plus some new events we hope you'll enjoy, including:

* An exciting new live shader compo

* A new event space featuring tables for your laptops and hackery projects (as long as they're not making noise during compos), retrogaming closer to the main party, and more convenient parking.

* A compo machine, featuring dual Titan X Pascals, an i7 7700K, and 32 GB DDR4 RAM

* Screenings of classic demos on on one of the largest collections of functioning original hardware in the US

* Retro gaming on tons of different platforms (C64, Sega Genesis, Amiga 1200, and Sharp X68000 just to name a few)

* Talks and seminars on demoscene-related topics

* And of course, lots of compos :)

More info is available at http://www.demosplash.org
Get tickets at http://www.demosplash.org/register
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