The most dangerous question: Demoscene Symbol

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true, but that indicates that the effect itself is perhaps visually one step too far ahead. by the way, how is the basic swapping of the vector coordinates called that produces this distinguished triangle pattern? (yes, i dont know.)
added on the 2019-08-10 21:30:42 by wertstahl wertstahl
Nowadays it's been a lot of that Revision circle thing, but i really wouldnt mind if it was a nice glenz.
added on the 2019-08-10 22:32:28 by Serpent Serpent
false positive symbol
added on the 2019-08-10 22:49:28 by gentleman gentleman
Looking for a two color symbol related to demoscene? Got one for you:BB Image
added on the 2019-08-10 23:40:58 by baah baah
More seriously, a Glenz vector is a good idea, it's tricky as a good demo fx should be!
added on the 2019-08-10 23:42:24 by baah baah
question is, would a musician be happy with it?
since the glenz alone is a pure graphical thing (so code and gfx may be covered)
added on the 2019-08-11 01:08:43 by wertstahl wertstahl
But using only 2 colors seems to spoil the glenz effect. :]
cos it's not 'glenz' anymore!
added on the 2019-08-11 07:56:41 by Minus256 Minus256
what about the youtube play logo?
added on the 2019-08-11 13:12:25 by Maali Maali
BB Image
Game of life - glider.
added on the 2019-08-11 14:41:16 by neoneye neoneye
maybe 3 squares (or whatever) each with a symbol representing code, gfx and music, pillars of the scene :D
there are some very prominent rather complex symbols in history, yes.
BB Image

the youtube play button is ofcourse extremely well known and communicative. i guess in an unifying way, it already means more to people than ✝️ for example. (actually it is 2.2 billion christians vs currently 1.8 billion youtube users)
added on the 2019-08-11 19:14:27 by wertstahl wertstahl
BB Image
added on the 2019-08-11 19:28:17 by Maali Maali
i forgot to say: neoneye: the glider is also a very basic, very interesting concept. (noted)
added on the 2019-08-11 19:50:06 by wertstahl wertstahl
does 1337 only identify hackers or did we invent that?
added on the 2019-08-11 19:52:43 by wertstahl wertstahl
Ah ok it is a BBS thing. cDc n such.
added on the 2019-08-11 19:54:27 by wertstahl wertstahl
also pretty strong:

BB Image
added on the 2019-08-11 20:18:10 by wertstahl wertstahl
question is, would a musician be happy with it?
since the glenz alone is a pure graphical thing (so code and gfx may be covered)

Just add four vu-meters! Two each side of that glenz! :D
added on the 2019-08-11 20:21:24 by ham ham
I also thought about the (crappy) YouTube icon, or even a sarcastic version of it. But seriously. You can easily paint the famous pig on the toilet with some circles from the front (but personally I do not like the pig anyway -> boring). Just to mention it to the think tank. I see this pig (or whoever) holding a sign (or screen) with a pig on it holding a sign with a pig on it, and so on, as long as you can scale it ...
added on the 2019-08-11 22:22:25 by aqu aqu
But more importantly, where can I download DUCK.3DS?
added on the 2019-08-11 22:48:55 by El Topo El Topo
@ham that is actually a very good idea.
I just now remembered "Demo Or Die!" - is that still valid? I used to love anything with "or Die" in it. So much in fact, that in the 90s we used to graffiti "Die or Die" all over our small towns.
added on the 2019-08-12 00:24:34 by wertstahl wertstahl
oh and it seems simplicity is very very pre 2019ish, logos/icons/symbols can now be all over the place, as big corporate proves:

BB Image

added on the 2019-08-12 00:32:30 by wertstahl wertstahl
BB Image
added on the 2019-08-12 01:28:50 by dex46... dex46...
BB Image
added on the 2019-08-12 07:13:28 by BiasZ BiasZ
glenz cube circled by dot matrix font "International Demoscene est. 1986 (?)" ..
added on the 2019-08-12 08:17:18 by Asato Asato
Thought we already had one to be fair?

BB Image
added on the 2019-08-12 08:52:22 by djh0ffman djh0ffman