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but where was your A game last revision and/or assembly? :P
added on the 2019-09-06 00:09:27 by Maali Maali
For me counts what smash said. Also my scene morality tells me I should always contriute a production to the party Im attending to.

In addition to that, I value feedback from people. Specially so when I value their opinions. As such we release our quality productions at parties where the most amount of people we care about are present, rather than the actual size of the party or the prizes.

Perhaps this is more common for less widespread used platforms, I dont know...
added on the 2019-09-06 13:11:09 by spkr spkr
but where was your A game last revision and/or assembly? :P

Look who's chirping.
added on the 2019-09-06 13:15:45 by Gargaj Gargaj
Well that was the certainly world's most obvious opportunity for a counter-dis...
added on the 2019-09-06 13:30:19 by fizzer fizzer
I didn´t even read all of this yet...but i have to say this for the first time:
Adok won this thread! ;) ( -> Read his post on page 1!)

For real:
I had times where i was involved deeply in jobs, being self-employed, in school for the last 2 years, etc., where i really had no time to do anything demoscene-related...
...but i still did it, because it´s my hobby, it´s my life, it´s me! ;)

I always tried to provide sth to the compos of the parties i visited...and even remoted a lot, to parties i did not visit, in the past...eventho i actually had no time to do so (see above!)!
A few times it didn´t happen because the deadline caught me, but i *always* tried!

About getting motivated by Orgas to do sth:
This actually worked for me once...the TextMode-DemoCompetition (TMDC) was about to die...the Orga was about to step back and told me so in an email, asking to provide sth, as the compo had only 2 entries so far, so i super-fast-coded sth in 3 days to atleast have the last TMDC-Compo ever (so far) have some quality!
...i didn´t react to the 6 E-Mails i got each year before, tho (i made a 1st place in my first part-taking in this compo, and a 2nd in my 2nd attempt the year after that)...sadly i just had no time, as explained above! ;)
But i guess a Competition solely based on the Internet, without any connected partyplace and actual party is sth different anyway!

I would release sth with or without any Orga-Involvement elsewise! So, keep your Energy for what it´s really needed for: organizing the Party itself! ;)
People that will attend will attend and most likely atleast try to take part in the compos!
People that will not attend but like your party or live in your country or whatever reason they got will remote sth, IF YOU LET THEM! ;)

Scene is almost dead!
But it is not!
We had many people/groups to choose from for the newcomer-award for Evoke this year again! ;)
Maybe we are even growing again? (i myself am in two groups that were said DEAD for many years, but we are back! and we are many! and we all are very talented! ok...the others in my groups are atleast!)

hArDy./Lemon.^Genesis*Project^TRSI^Spacepigs (was about the first two groups! ;) )

P.S.: As i am not able to be an organizer due to being me (i am no boss-type), please could someone contact the former TMDC-Organizer(s) and ask to take it over? ktnxbye!
(Would love to have this compo back and alive! Forever!)
the basic motivation to compete at a demo party is a) because it's a cool party and you're going anyway - and it's always nice to get involved and participate; and b) because the competition is good, i.e. you think there's going to be a good challenge.

(...)where you expect competition - in fact you enter there to seek it - and have to bring your A game.

Definitely. Smaller parties are also great places to either test out tech or ideas/concepts that aren't gonna be complete enough for a full on blockbuster style demo for let's say Revision. Or just to have a bit of fun without too much pressure. Not saying it shouldn't be good, but it can be more fun and less ambitious.

And yeah, it's more fun to win over others who also want to win. Competition is great motivation for me to push myself.

prizes, trophies and everything else is basically irrelevant.

I do enjoy a nice trophy though. Nice to have some good looking memorabilia reminding me of a time where I did something great and got appreciated for it.

And while winning is the primary motivation for.. well, winning, I'll happily take the prizes too :D
added on the 2019-09-06 13:56:47 by lug00ber lug00ber
Smaller parties are also great places to either test out tech or ideas/concepts that aren't gonna be complete enough for a full on blockbuster style demo for let's say Revision.

--> see the winner of Evoke´s 4K-Competition! Slerpy did sth different (it´s still a raymarcher, maali&co, so keep shut!) and it even won! I guess even him didn´t think to win with this in the first place, he just had it almost ready and thought it would be nice to experience on a big-screen! ;) But he mindblasted us all with some easy_old_trick()+raymarching and so we voted and he got surprised with a Win!

Not that Evoke would still be any of the small(er) parties, but does Slerpy know that? (i think it was his first Evoke! ;) )
my trophy-rack looks like shit btw! ;)
If i´d take a pic now and post it, you would say: "He doesn´t even deserve all of them!" ;) #messyTrophyRoom #oskarNotHappy #messWithTheBest
easy_old_trick() == double-buffering! ;)
Once a necessarity in the 80s/90s, now in 2019 a winning-factor! :D :P
i don't care too much about parties. if i got something ready i send it to the next possible party, preferably if the have a fitting compo, sometimes even if they don't. and sometimes i release into the wild instead of waiting for the next party, to get it out of my head. then again, sometimes i feel i have to contribute at least *something* to a party if it has a fitting compo or if i developed a habit to support that party, but then that *something* is not always good :D

sometimes i get mails from organizers friendly reminding me of an upcoming party with a fitting compo, and if it comes in due time, i usually try to come up with *something* ;) but in general there is no way to further motivate me. well, other than winning revision at least once, which i did =) an official 64b or 32b competition would be nice, but i guess these days are long gone
added on the 2019-09-06 14:32:51 by HellMood HellMood
Assembly had a demo revival by creating the VIP tickets for sceners, treating them differently from the "gamer" masses.
added on the 2019-09-06 15:59:38 by sol_hsa sol_hsa
Adok won this thread! ;)
Thanks, I feel flattered :)
added on the 2019-09-06 18:05:00 by Adok Adok
pfft, I just work on my triple-B game!
added on the 2019-09-06 18:23:59 by Maali Maali
I was talking to someone about Flashparty just now, and it reminded me of why I really really want to submit another remote to them this year. I'm not sure it'll apply in general, but:

Pungas (who are part? of the orga team of flashparty) made an invite animation for this years edition for Flashparty that they submitted to evoke, and it was a collage of the entries to last years edition, including my not very good 4kb intro. Seeing the work I had submitted remotely on a massive screen in person was a huge motivation to submit another remote entry, even knowing that there are probably going to be much better intros at the party this year that will kick my ass.

So I would say that promoting your previous entries, in whatever way you can, is a good way of getting people to submit more. Do proper youtube captures, show the entries again in new contexts, mail them a piece of paper stating they won or just took part, say thank you in interesting ways long after the party has finished.

[also, they are the only party in south america, say hi and support them with a remote]