Sampling & Copyright (sampling speech from movies)

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Most of these insurance policies do not cover intellectual property disputes. This must be insured separately at least in Germany. This is really very expensive.
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If you want to be an ass about it: nothing is allowed and everything is forbidden. Don't get me started about trivial patents. Don't let it hinder you though.
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Naturally this is anecdotal, but back in the days I made happy hardcore covers of a fair number of hit records (incl a particular Mathias Reim cover that made it to a demo). I didn't get intro trouble, and I know why: nobody cares. Not even the Germans!

Like JCO says, nothing is allowed and everything is forbidden. That 909 snare you used there probably wasn't licensed to you either. The fonts in your demos, the fonts on your album covers. Rest assured that anything creative you make on a computer will probably give somebody a sufficiently reasonable case that a court will hear it (remember a case doesn't need to be very reasonable for that).

There's this idea floating around certain (cough, German) corners of the internet that it's possible perfectly color inside the lines, that the rules are clear and fair and that a deep and thorough effort to stay within them is always warranted. I Am Not A Netpoet, but I'd propose that you only do this if it makes you sleep better at night. That's a good reason.

Reality is that, unless your work becomes an enormous popular success, you won't see legal action. Even copyright trolls knows that amateur artists can't be milked for much. You're not worth their time.

And if your work does become an enormous popular success, you'll get a cease&desist letter first. Well, if they're right, then just cease and desist! Remove the Youtube video, pull it from Spotify, tell your fans on Twitter / the Pouet oneliner. It's not that hard. DJ Promo did that for the No Doubt song Okkie linked to and I don't think he lost a single minute of sleep over it (or any money for that matter).

Sure, if it's also a commercial success, then maybe the copyright holder wants some or all of your cash. But let's be honest, are you Timbaland? Are you producing Nelly Furtado's guaranteed platinum new album? No you're not :-) Don't worry man :-)

Afaik the vast majority of amateur/semipro artists follow a rulebook similar to this. All art is inspired by other art. Some genres and artforms got built on uncredited sampling (hip hop, anyone?). I'm super confused to see this discussion go this way here on Pouet.
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Another anecdote about sampling, from my brother: Just because the original rights holder doesn't care about your work doesn't mean that you won't get flagged. He used a movie speech sample almost verbatim, put his track on YouTube, and some years later someone else used the same sample, their label put it on YouTube, and my brother got his video demonetized as a result, because the almighty YouTube algorithm decided it's a ripoff of the other song.
DJ Promo did that for the No Doubt song Okkie linked to and I don't think he lost a single minute of sleep over it (or any money for that matter).

He actually even re-released it as a single with re-recorded vocals under the name WIthout A Doubt and scored a minor hit with it :D
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It always annoys me that Texas gets taken down on youtube
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loaderror: encode the audio with a 101% tempo increase so the algorithms won't pick it up, oh and time shrink the video accordingly to stay in sync. see how long that'll hold! ;)
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