Apple M1 (ARM) architecture demos

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Is there a term for when someone gets excited about someone else doing work?

How about a term for assuming everyone is into the same fad as you?
apple has no ryzen chips in their machines, so as an apple user I compare intel to m1 and I don't care about ryzen

Similarly, as a non-Apple user I don't care about M1. Can we stop evangelising minute technicalities about our appliances now? I mean, I could go on and on about the amazing properties of the heating element in my toaster, and how you should all bake bread in a way that makes the the most out of this particular heating element, but ...
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Does that include the >1 billion iOS devices that now have effectively the same hardware? A lot of those are older, but I bet a good half or so are pretty capable.
added on the 2020-12-05 15:11:49 by alia alia
Dein Name ist Programm, also niemand hindert dich an der "absence" in meinem thread.
Fortnite 1080p 43-49 FPS

most of Unity games on Rosetta 2
1080p-1440p 30-40 FPS(50 on minimal graphic)

Dota 2 45FPS 1080p

(Overwatch Frostpunk Doom(2016) and other complex DX11/Vulkan games obviously does not work)

this is literally same or slower than AMD Vega 8 like I say before, when Vega 8 performance is around 8800GTX from 2006 year

AMD Vega8 launch Doom 2016 with 30-40 FPS(720p) and GTA5 on medium with 60FPS 1080p... so ye
added on the 2020-12-05 20:57:07 by Danilw Danilw