onScene 2021 - Easter Weekend - April 2-5 - Bingen am Rhein, Germany

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abductee: the "first person to actually scroll through the privacy policy"-award goes to you ;)

Thanks, fixed.
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@scamp: well, I try to learn from my mistakes and not make the same one twice. since you pointed out(correctly!) that i did not read the whole page - i fixed that :)

anyhu, did you had some time to look at the f1 model and the calculator?
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abductee: So I looked at the Formula 1 study. It's basically that every team had 50-100 people of staff, there was no real security concept, drivers ignored quarantine measures by leaving hotel rooms etc. I didn't find any systematic study, but only anecdotical stuff. But basically they simply didn't follow their security concept.

No clue why you are so attached to the F1 stuff. No relation at all to in-hall events.

The "calculator" you used also is not meant for events.

But here is one from the respect Max-Planck Institute:


If you put in our security concept properties (Certified surgical masks, hall ventilation, 1700m² hall size with 3m height, 250 people) you get this result:

< 0.01% individual infection risk if one person is infectious.
< 0.01% probability that at least one other person gets infected if one person is infectious at the event.

And as we know the risk of someone infected entering already is extremely low due to the Covid-19 tests we are doing.

In summary the risk of this becoming a "super-spreader event" is ZERO. The risk of someone else getting infected EVEN in the unlikely event of an infected person entering also is close to Zero.
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(also, can you please remove the image above?)
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The communication with RO's main organizers has been sub-optimal, to say the least. Will not play the blame game, but hope this will be improving.

RO is totally correct in not wanting to associate with a shitshow like that

Has this situation improved since? Is there an official stance from both parties on the matter?

In the end, should OnScene happen, is it going to be a completely separate event from Revision, a complete collaboration, or something in between?
added on the 2021-02-23 14:05:50 by Zavie Zavie