your best party memory

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Various meats are best left behind radiators or inside airco ducts, @Devistator :)
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@superplek I guess the cuntiness needs to stop somewhere.. :)
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What PS said.
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LTP3, the party room electrical system overheating and everyone enjoying a chat outside
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Also, someone please read this thread to me when I'll be old and with my memories gone.
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finland pizza hut pizza with ananas.
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I guess most memorable to me is 680xx-Convention, which was in 1993 in Germany and i was at age of 15. A party about all Computers that had a Motorola (68000-68040 at that time) inside. So Amiga and Atari obviously, although many c=64s could be spotted there aswell of course! :)

The Trip to the party was somehow special, it wasn´t my first party, but the first party where we rented a small bus to get there. So we got the Bus and started collecting up sceners everywhere in Germany...the trip took quite long because of that you can imagine...especially because we entered the man-caves of every scener to collect their puters and screens and everything else...seeing those caves full of geeky scener-stuff alone was worth the trip for sure!

The party itself went fine, met many people i only knew from swapping.
At some point i was coding on my still unfinished Vector-Routine (i was still missing math i would have needed knowledge of but hadn´t learned at school yet), trying to fix my clipping. Someone went by, stopped and started laughing, pinpointing on my screen, going like "haha, look, a vector-cube, how oldskool and lame is that?!!" and he and his two friends went away laughing. I had my own laugh, thinking this must have been someone without any idea of the complexity of a Vector-Routine. Funny enough i found him later sitting in front of his own screen and guess what...he had a Vector-Cube on there and was lamenting on how this small 13-years-old (obviously he meant me) can have coded a better routine than him. :) And when he went back into the assembler (he still used SEKA for no obvious reason) and i saw his code i started to laugh out loud a lot...when he rotated around to see whats going on his face went all rage...i guess he would have beat me up if i wouldn´t have gone away immediately, haha!
Later some stress came up, it seemed some local teenagers tried to steal at teh party...the front-door was wide open all the time, so non-sceners could walk in/out as they wanted...5 minutes later i found myself running after a group of 10-15 teenagers that were accused of stealing, with me like 30-40 other sceners. I still don´t know if they caught them and beat them up as i stopped chasing them at some point when my lungs tried to collapse! ;)

Compos went fine...Noogman won the Graphix-Compo, which was well-deserved, i voted him first aswell. Virgill, whom i voted first in the Musix-Compo however only landed on place 9, which the whole Bus talked about for like an hour on the Trip back home, as this didn´t feel correct, as it seemed atleast all in the bus voted him first or second atleast. How could the rest of the party have voted so differently!?! Funny side-fact here: i didn´t know Virgill back then, when he was still in TRSi, only today we know eachother and worked together a lot, when he ain´t in TRSi anymore, but i am. :D

Other parties:

Sun´n´Fun Conference II, 1993:
-> Porn on bigscreen the whole night...toilets full of wanking geeks!
-> Me just wandering into the Orga-Room, all the orgas treatening me like an old friend, even showing off their tooldisk to me, so i could copy their (later) winning-demo which wasn´t even released yet. I knew none of them before or after! Arise ruled! Abyss still rulez!

Easter Party, 1993 i think:
-> Toilets defect, hall getting flooded...me entering the toilet-room, 10 cm of pisswater on the floor, a porn-mag floats from a shit-cabin into the toilet-room. After i finished pissing i left the toilet-room, walked like 10-15 meters towards my computer-place, someone bumped into me and started a conversation. Two minutes into the conversation the porn-mag was back, sailing around us and away! :D (as said, the floor in the hall got flooded!) I had a long laugh at that moment!
Later we had a nice war with some ppl from LEGO going on...consisting of throwing beer-mats at each other like frisbees...minutes later the war was going on in the whole hall, everyone was involved! :D
I got pretty drunk and frustrated about my Amiga500 (everyone else was using A1200s already) because it was a bit defect after someone tried to solder some RESET-Button in! After it locked up the Xth time i simply robbed it of the table and threw it inside the hall...which was flooded, remember?!, so i continued boozing and started thinking about how to get money for an A1200 as i thought the A500 was dead anyway now! when i woke up later i was a bit puzzled first as my computer was at my place and it was running! Did i just dream all of that? Nope, a friend took care of my Amiga and made it work again! So i directly fired up ASMOne again, finished my 40k-intro, handed it in and placed 5th of 6 entries i think! Lamer!
Making (B) demo at Tampere without much of sleep, finishing tune and traveling to Helsinki. Partying all over Helsinki, seeing Static make the 3D accel demo at ningas, making CNCD demo sounds and walking to the party place via Shell breakfast 7 in the morning after being awake for almost two days ...

... arriving to party place thought it was a good idea when waiting for the main demo compo results, in the party hall to

1. wake Yolk up and tell he's being shouted to the price giving because Abyss was asking for some guy named Mikko... which resulted him being told something like "Voi Mikko kulta, mene takaisin nukkumaan.." by Abyss

2. Getting microphone from Abyss to "say something", which was gibberish and which to dune, yolk, mistral and destop were nodding like they knew what I was saying, also try to get people shout "whoo-o-o-oo-o" all at once... didnt quite get all but front row maybe :P

Assembly 1998 -- what a trip
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