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[img]This will bring up your imagination and we will all get benefit from good links, this will improve our culture.

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there can only be one http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bass
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Discharge may refer to:

A military discharge, issued when a member of the armed forces is released from service.
Termination of employment.
A patient discharge, when a patient leaves a hospital after his or her medical treatment is completed.
An electrostatic or corona discharge, types of electrical current flow.
Partial discharge, a temporary breakdown of electrical insulation.
The average discharge of a river, meaning the amount of water flowing through the river.
Effluent released into a river or sea.
The British punk rock band Discharge.
A bankruptcy discharge, the injunction that bars acts to enforce certain debts.
Vaginal discharge, a normal occurrence for some women during their menstrual cycle, or a medical sign of many conditions including endometrial cancer, yeast infections, and some STDs.
The process in which the European Parliament accepts other European Union institutions' accounts.

The one BASS is Beneath a Steel Sky, right?
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The one BASS is Beneath a Steel Sky, right?
Why don't you start "Origins of the BASS?" to add to the daily waste of bytes?
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I recently came over this edit. I was LOLING and ROFLING around in my flat because the RSI Demo Maker (released by Data Becker) came into my mind.
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Sky Lopez (born 23 December 1975, in Stillwater, Minnesota) is a former American pornographic actress and model, [...]

Since entering the industry in 1999, Lopez has both acted and directed pornographic films, as well as being employed under exclusive contracts with Vivid Entertainment (making her a Vivid Girl) and Shane's World Studios.
Demoscene events are most frequent in continental Europe, [...] while the largest international parties (such as Breakpoint, Porky's Disco and Assembly) attract visitors from all over the globe.

Shane's World Studios, Porky's Disco, ...
I should join Fearmoths really soon.
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Fascinating stuff...

It also has horror movie potential (sort of)... I imagine it starting off with just a shot of some eminent scholar (you can always tell because scientists wear lab coats all the time) leaving for the day while the computers in his lab are running some brute force translation comparison thing.
In the dark of night, dimly lit by the glow of the sole computer monitor connected to the cluster... suddenly amongst the gibberish the computer starts spitting out a dire warning... A DIRE WARNING... that came too late...

Dun dun daaaaaa......

Yes, I need to get out more.
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I hope you don't use anything else as your single source of information either. As far as encyclopaedias go, Encyclopaedia Britannica has been shown to contain more false information than Wikipedia.
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The random article post.
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In case you got interested in drilling holes into your head:

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getrepaneerde vectors!
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