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Sorry for abusing btw the board to send a personal message but for more than a month I had problems to upload stuff for my cfemales page to paraknowya servers, tried to send mails to him but were returned back (Probably because the mail server is in paraknowya.net) and couldn't find him anywhere in irc or an alternative email where I can contact. Had lost contact and unable to find what's going on with everything for more than a month..

So, I hope you read this. I have just seen that even cfemales.paraknowya.net or www.paraknowya.net doesn't work. So I guess there was a problem with the whole server and that was the reason why I couldn't upload files or even email you.

If you have an email in an alternative server (e.g. hotmail, yahoo, university..) just reply either here or in mkargas@hotmail.com and sent it there. Or tell me if I can find you in any irc channel whenever I want and there is problem to email you..

I couldn't reach you for more than a month and wondered what's going with the server and even your emails didn't worked. No contact! Sorry for the other people from pouet, it was the only way to reach paraknowya...
added on the 2002-09-09 18:59:02 by Optimus Optimus
Moving it up again. I hope I won't need to do this for a second time..
added on the 2002-09-12 19:18:05 by Optimus Optimus
Pouet.net is useful in many ways! =)

Hi Optimus, yeah... it's been a crazy time lately, the ISP did shut down our server due to heavy traffic and resource problems (which is a bit wired but anyways). I'm working on getting a new server for the site and hosted sites and will let you know as soon as more info is available.

you can always reach me @ paraknowya@t-online.de it'S quite a lame address but it works (puh glad it does).

I hope the server is up next week. Thereafter every .com and .net domain should work as well as the sub domains! Let me know in case you've got any other questions or feedback!

BTW we do not want and never could become competitors of pouet but I plan to concentrate on the demo section a bit more, in case anyone is interested in helping let me know! =)

TIA, kindest regards'n kudos Pouet.net for being such a cool place!

"BTW we do not want and never could become competitors of pouet but I plan to concentrate on the demo section a bit more, in case anyone is interested in helping let me know! =)"

That part could be interesting for some here! :)
Let's see, now optimus is missing! ;)
they probably banned posting at pouet in greece
added on the 2002-09-13 15:02:16 by Jcl Jcl

Ok,. I have just seen your message. When the new server will be up again and everything works fine write me an email. I will also keep yours in my address book.
added on the 2002-09-13 15:05:21 by Optimus Optimus
Apparently Greece cant stop Optimus illegal actions.
added on the 2002-09-13 15:08:18 by Wain Wain
hehehe which is good... seriously, I've heared they've changed the situation a bit again, is that right Optimus?
Yes, as I have written in the other thread about sucky country Greece and stuff..

The law was judged by the court as beeing against the constitution. This means that the judges will make the appropriate moves to talk to the elder of their section, to uninstall this law. And also the Icafes have put their games again, they are not afraid anymore cause they have the innocense decision from the court in their hands and show it to everyone who would go to arrest them, to proove they are legal anymore!

Though some bastards are still doing illegal job and using InternetCafes as camouflage, PCs are really gambling machines now, guh!
added on the 2002-09-13 18:35:08 by Optimus Optimus
Greece - Creator of the Democrazy!
added on the 2002-09-15 21:30:38 by sofokles sofokles