i'm going to enjoy the scene.

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its unlike fun!
good luck :(
added on the 2006-07-25 23:33:50 by Gargaj Gargaj
does not compute
added on the 2006-07-25 23:50:20 by El Topo El Topo
I'm going to have sex with my c64.
that's not cool because it's not A*M*I*G*A
(get it... amiga - girlfriend... hahahahaha)
added on the 2006-07-25 23:55:18 by kelsey kelsey
where are the amigos for the straight girls?
added on the 2006-07-25 23:57:06 by El Topo El Topo
But the C64 has a SID.
(get it... SID - Sexual Intercourse Device.... hahaha)
El Topo: There's always Fat Agnus.
added on the 2006-07-26 12:24:42 by kb_ kb_
ahh yes but nothing sucks quite like PC!

ha ha ha ha ha. ha.


added on the 2006-07-26 14:58:27 by xeron xeron
yeah, enjoy shouting BASS a couple of times and post some lobster pic. welcome to The Pouet Idiots (tm)!

BB Image
added on the 2006-07-26 21:15:13 by gg|rhg gg|rhg