When I was a kid I wanted to become...

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.. and I did not become one! yeah!
added on the 2006-12-02 13:34:19 by Stelthzje Stelthzje
... Stacheljochen!
added on the 2006-12-02 13:43:11 by dalezr dalezr
Football star i guess. Or a mountaineer.
added on the 2006-12-02 14:26:35 by Serpent Serpent
Candy store owner!!
added on the 2006-12-02 14:33:28 by Stelthzje Stelthzje
added on the 2006-12-02 14:34:38 by elkmoose elkmoose
... someone who spams Pouet with boring and pointless topics
added on the 2006-12-02 14:35:28 by RRR RRR
a fluffergirl
added on the 2006-12-02 15:54:28 by alien^PDX alien^PDX
parse 43. no, not really..
added on the 2006-12-02 16:30:33 by v3nom v3nom
... game designer/graphician/coder but games sucks nowadays. i still would like to do graphics for mobile-games :)
added on the 2006-12-02 16:48:38 by uns3en_ uns3en_
never to become a communist
added on the 2006-12-03 09:19:34 by sunnm sunnm
I've always wanted to be...
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A dentist!
added on the 2006-12-03 09:38:32 by yesso yesso
hard porn steven seagull this rifle in me the fishmaster
TI, I've just thought that when I read "a dentist!" xD
added on the 2006-12-03 12:00:57 by texel texel
yeah. a democoder and gamescoder. my dream was to get a job in making games. im still not having that job today. im making demos though.
I've wanted to be a demoscener. And I'm still failing to.
added on the 2006-12-03 15:12:48 by oxb oxb
A lumberjack.
added on the 2006-12-03 17:20:58 by wb wb
a prono player..but i had 1 girl holding my balls down.. about the penis, she was licking it soo nice :D
added on the 2006-12-03 17:56:27 by cxczevik cxczevik
i don't give a fuck
added on the 2006-12-03 18:31:21 by rmeht rmeht
Perhaps that's rmeht's way of saying that he wanted to grow up to be a troll.
added on the 2006-12-03 18:39:40 by Steohawk Steohawk
astronaut, demo coder (after budbrain and Mental Hangover bah... :) ) Good at drawing..
added on the 2006-12-03 18:44:59 by loaderror loaderror
i wanted to be a scientist too
When I was about five I knew I'd want to make my living by writing. And a little over a decade later I started doing that and did it for almost six years. At different points of time I also wanted to be an actress, a painter, a criminologist, a cosmologist and a biologist. I still wouldn't mind being a painter or an actress, but I'd much rather be a medical researcher than any of the other -ists now.

My mom wanted me to be a coder. :-( Now how awful is that.
added on the 2006-12-03 19:58:28 by DiamonDie DiamonDie
A musician. Really.
added on the 2006-12-03 22:14:17 by willbe willbe