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now more popular than heaven7.
oops, i forgot the NSFW warning.
oops, i forgot the NSFW warning.
Damn you! My boss saw that prod and almost fired me!
added on the 2007-04-06 22:24:05 by nitro2k01 nitro2k01
I already told ps about it, at the current pace it will soon decrease the popularity % of every single prod on Pouet, for reasons that are not related to demoscene.
added on the 2007-04-06 22:27:52 by keops keops
keops: Youre so booring a jew in a german oven is more fun!
added on the 2007-04-06 22:34:02 by Hatikvah Hatikvah
why doesnt it appear in the top ten?
added on the 2007-04-06 22:44:45 by Stelthzje Stelthzje
wtf!?.. is it possible to get fired from going to kindergarten, as in nitro2k01's case? And your boss? Isn't it called child-minder?
added on the 2007-04-06 23:06:00 by ekoli ekoli
Stelthz: 'cos popularity alone isnt enough, it also needs the votes.
added on the 2007-04-07 17:54:58 by Gargaj Gargaj
gargaj: wasn't top ten hand selected anyway?
you mean the top ten is fake???
added on the 2007-04-09 11:54:22 by dila dila
yes it's h4xit by the nordic conspiracy.
Analogue based it on thumbs, popularity % and other evil computations he won't tell.
added on the 2007-04-09 19:56:22 by keops keops
i really like this prod more than the popular demo
added on the 2007-04-21 18:59:20 by earx earx