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A random sentence from the simulaatio-site "No drugs or alcohol are allowed at the party place." I think I found a perfectly valid reason not to go :p
added on the 2007-04-17 19:32:57 by DJefke DJefke
DJefke: There is this thing called "sucking up to the police/the owner of the party place/the sponsors/etc by not writing stuff against the law on websites". It's quite common in nordic computer parties :)

Basically, if you want to rent a school for your party, you don't want to write "everyone come trash the place with as much alcohol as you like". In case any of the beforementioned people go read on that site, you can be quite sure there won't be any party.

In other words, look at at certain picture site and check out pictures from previous years... ;)
added on the 2007-04-17 19:53:11 by leijaa leijaa
So, what you're saying is that Finland is the European version of the USA? :-p
added on the 2007-04-17 20:00:40 by DJefke DJefke
.. that's a discussion someone far more interested in politics than I am (read: at all) can do :)
added on the 2007-04-17 20:10:34 by leijaa leijaa

No drugs or alcohol are allowed at the party place.

I don't know if it's intentional, but that sentence actually says that it's allowed to not use drugs or alcohol at the party place, not that it's forbidden to use it :-)
added on the 2007-04-17 20:17:15 by sparcus sparcus

I think that's not intentional, but good that we cleared that up then..
added on the 2007-04-17 20:28:58 by leijaa leijaa
No drugs or alcohol are allowed at the party place.

As i see it, it says that you either have to have no drugs with you at the party place (nothing about alcohol), or have some alcohol, in which case you can carry as much other fancy stuff as you can (or can not) handle :D
added on the 2007-04-17 20:50:25 by apricot apricot
as if that regulation had any desired effect on the previous installments of simulaatio
added on the 2007-04-17 20:53:59 by stonda stonda
sparcus: What kind of drugs and/or alcohol are you on? There's no way that sentence can be interpreted in the way you just did...
added on the 2007-04-17 20:55:57 by Sverker Sverker
Well, I just did, didn't I?

I'll make it easy for you:

Drugs are allowed at the party place => It's allowed to have drugs.
Lots of drugs are allowed at the party place => It's allowed to have lots of drugs.
No drugs are allowed at the party place => It's allowed to have no drugs.

What it should have said:
Drugs are not allowed at the partyplace.
added on the 2007-04-17 21:18:42 by sparcus sparcus
Well, I just did, didn't I?

Yes I realized it was a logical impossibility ;)

Still, no drugs allowed == drugs are not allowed.
added on the 2007-04-17 21:26:24 by Sverker Sverker
No party place is not allowed at drugs or alcohol.
Only drugs and alcohol are allowed outside the party place.
Pick your favourite!
added on the 2007-04-18 10:01:59 by melw melw
added on the 2007-04-18 14:17:40 by nosfe nosfe
party - alcohol = drugs?
added on the 2007-04-18 14:30:07 by ilmarque ilmarque
drugs - party = - alcohol ?!?
added on the 2007-04-18 14:33:35 by psenough psenough
yes, those are correct!
added on the 2007-04-18 15:14:48 by nosfe nosfe
((drugs + alcohol) / (party + fun)) * sin(scroller) =
BB Image
added on the 2007-04-18 15:31:08 by doomdoom doomdoom
nosfe: what about partydrugs?
I just booked my flights to Tampere and back. Now worship me!
added on the 2007-04-18 18:02:51 by Bombe Bombe
added on the 2007-04-18 18:47:12 by leijaa leijaa
I still have to convince my boss that I get those two free days…
added on the 2007-04-18 20:02:51 by Bombe Bombe
bombe sweet! any other crazy germans coming?
added on the 2007-04-18 20:34:01 by uncle-x uncle-x
djefke as someone partially pointed out, the "no drugs or alcohol at the partyplace" is pretty much mandatory for finnish parties. Firstly because drugs are illegal (mmkay) and secondly because 99% of the venues available for demoparties in finland are usually schools or other facilities where its impossible to have alcohol because of the owners of the venue. Stream and Icons have been the only parties thus far (/lately) that have had a german-style "beer at the infodesk" thing going on, mainly due to the venue of both parties being more 'adult'..
added on the 2007-04-18 20:39:52 by uncle-x uncle-x
Are there no 'adult' venues available for reasonable prices in Varkaus?
added on the 2007-04-18 20:44:44 by Sverker Sverker
.. that remains to be seen when the final search for a better party place is completed, so far it looks rather black :(
added on the 2007-04-18 20:49:59 by leijaa leijaa