demoscene musicians playing live?

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Some PC Sceners will spin electroswing at KGB Bar this Saturday :)
http://www.kgb.nu party tommorow from 17:00 - 04:00
i am freestyling a song called 'Queen Bittin' on my nose flute currently. check it out!
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The radio station I'm playing at for the last couple of years celebrates it 20th birthday!
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Got some more info:

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17+18 oktober
Radio Tonka 20 jaar festival
Unit Moebius, Shitcluster, I-F, Mono-Amine, Nektar, Numtek: 40 acts total
Maakhaven Den Haag

1e Lulofdwarsstraat
Entrance Calandstraat 157

Fb link saturday: https://www.facebook.com/events/1517498591800787/
Free entrance
40 acts, two days, two areas.
Photos location: http://imgur.com/a/h5s49#0

[Friday 17th october Maakhaven]
19:30 Feedback Orchestra
20:00 Dj Casper
20:15 Max Headroom
21:15 Dj Casper
21:45 Dyzack
22:30 Dj Casper
23:00 X-ray men
23:45 Dj Casper
00:15 Lifeless past
01:00 Dj Casper
02:00 I-F
03:30 Rivers Area Juke Squad B2B Mataklap
05:00 (end)

20:00 Professor Azzacove
20:30 Dj Big Fatzo
21:00 Hofstad
21:45 Dj Big Fatzo
22:15 Droppings
23:00 Dj Big Fatzo
23:30 Laura Palmer
00:15 Dj Eve
01:00 Alkaloid
01:45 G-Spot crew
02:45 Sista Lisa
03:45 Jack Tulp
04:45 (end)

[Saturday 18th october Maakhaven]
20:00 AU
21:00 Duistere Bardo
22:00 Cancerdogs
22:45 Fred D' agga
23:45 Howl Ensemble
00:30 Mono-Amine
01:30 Marky & Mace
02:30 Unit Moebius X Shitcluster
03:45 Ampex
04:45 (end)

19:30 Foute Man
20:30 The super sonic blues
21:30 Willie Wonka all stars
22:30 Carnival
23:15 Frank E
00:15 The international Music Conspiracy
01:15 Prins Django
02:00 Klankman
02:45 Moosz
04:00 Numtek
04:45 Nektar
05:45 (end)
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Playing goa as a susprise act :)

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Zalza and Fastbom will play on the last ever MondayClub on the old loction in Stockholm tommorow:

I can confirm that I played live in St. Petersburg at the Fulldozer Festival.
There's a video somewhere on YouTube. But it's not full, since I don't know, the camera man was drunk or kept stopping and pausing and starting or something.whatever.
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Sup. Managed to secure a gig, even though it's a 30 minute ambient set played at a local library in Helsinki-town.

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Lackluster Live, Satoi Live, △taajuus taajuus live.

6th February, 2015 - Kirjasto10, downtown Helsinki, Finland

More info in Finnish from:
http://www.helmet.fi/fi-FI/Kirjastot_ja_palvelut/Kirjasto_10/Tapahtumat/Sahkokirja sto_2015(58467)

Facebook event:
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This Thursday (12th of February 2015) I will play some Atari chiptunes to accompany Sylvia Ritter's "Bitstream Art" exhibition openting at Waterlounge, Aquarium Club in Dresden. Here is a link to the Facebook event page: Waterlounge Bitstream Art

Like 5 years ago this will a good occasion for a little scene meet-up and few drinks with friends from Checkpoint, Escape and others. Cheers!
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The Sähkökirjasto gig was a relative success, here's a bit of video from it (the Sähkökirjasto peeps will be posting a larger video later from all the 3 acts playing)

Also, I'm playing in Pori as Esa Ruoho on the 21st of Feb - at a 33 hour Live Ambient music festival! (which is unfortunately sold out) http://www.parisuh.de/events/live-ambient-festival/

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There are also rumours of playing another gig in Finland in June. Will post about it when it's official.

p.s. if you want me to play a gig in the UK between 8th april and 15th april, please get in touch. esaruoho@gmail.com I'll be in London during that time.
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Ok, here we go. It's official.

25.06.2015: Lackluster live at Swag11V in Tampere, Finland:
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i'm gonna play at Kuucvaals festival in latvia this weekend

a solo concert as nosfe, and also i'm part of nega
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enjoy the gig, nosfe!
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Here was a nice flyer from Swäg 11v
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I won't bore you with gig photos :)

Still waiting for audio to appear..
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Hi, slowly posting live gig recordings to

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