AtariXL vs C64

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I've bookmarked many sites on Atari XL. Tutorials are not so hard to find. But for the details, forums and IRC channels are the only solution as usual...
added on the 2008-01-21 23:12:15 by Skate Skate
But lot of older 3D demos runs on standard ATARI 130XE!

On this one ->
BB Image

So what???
At coding ->
I am not coder...
So try to write e-mail directly to Atari coders... for basics.
But they keep 3D tricks in secret...
I will welcome any new 8BIT Atari demo...
Best with ultra cool graphic design like in C64 demos... :))
Pixelart is not hardware thing... But artist skills thing...
You can do superb pixelart on GAMEBOY or ZX or ORIC too...
It is not in GPU...
It is in skills...
I mean on C64 scene are more skilled pixel artists as on ATARI 800 are...
And You got at least 20 or 30 excellent artists...
We not...

But We have huge talents too!!!

BB Image
BB Image
BB Image
BB Image
If You are skilled C64 or AMIGA/PC pixelartist You can support our scene with this crossplatform tool...
I will be happy to see new ultracool pictures...


Have You any PC C64 tool for graphics I mean paint or convertor???
/I am interesting in it as I am pixelartist.../
Here is picture that shows ability of Graph2Font... /PICs from C64... on Atari800/
BB Image
BB Image
Atari 130 XE has 2 times the RAM, 1.8 times CPU speed, more colors and better gfx modes. And since it's 3 years newer than C64, it has been through 2 Moore's Law iterations, and should therefore be 4 times better, so no wonder they can do some better effects.

The double RAM alone would do wonders on C64. Often you have to compromise a lot on the speedcode or look-up tables, becuz there simply isn't space enough for it all, especially when doing double-buffering.

Seems like quite a nice little computer actually. Might give it a try one day with some of the stuff I can't get to fit in a C64. :)

BB Image
added on the 2008-01-22 10:45:13 by cruzer cruzer
Yeah that will be cool!!!
And since it's 3 years newer than C64..

this is bloody wrong. The 130XE is the same hardware like the Atari800 except for some minor changes like the MMU (to make use the 128KB) and some TV components for PAL/NTSC issues (CTIA vs. GTIA). Actually the Atari 8bit platform (Atari 800 1979) is 3 years older than the C64 (1982). Therefore the C64 should have been far better than the Atari 8bit, even though you can see that -for instance- the sprite capabilities of the C64 are more sophisticated... (which than really made the C64 better for gaming -imho-)

Given the fact that the Atari 8bit is older it's still quite cool that this machine is so competetive :)

added on the 2008-01-22 11:06:42 by twh twh
if we are talking about sprites Amiga and Atari ST are more sophisticated. commodore 64 has 8 simple sprites. what we can do with them (multiplexing, stretching etc) is all about finding hardware tricks. so, discover your platform's hidden treasures and you'll see your sprites can do more as well...
added on the 2008-01-22 11:17:45 by Skate Skate
this is bloody wrong

IC. Well, at least the specs seem to indicate that it should be a few times better that C64. Maybe not with sprites, but that doesn't help us much with 3D, except a few vectorball fx.
added on the 2008-01-22 11:20:50 by cruzer cruzer
re: file headers

$end_lo,end_hi ;

f.e. Code from $4000 - $4fff


but remember that atari needs in general after code following

$e0,$02 ;run adress for dos

so you can start code after it was loaded at a separate adress...

more infos please have a look at www.atariarchives.org

Thanks for the details. I've found out the header information myself but I couldn't get that $e0, $02, $xx, $xx part. Now it's clear thanks.

Here is my ACME source code without run address for dos part

Code:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; Atari XL Test ; Coded by Skate ; (C)2008 ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; ; Constants ; CODE_START = $0600 ; ; Output ; !to "atarixltest.xex",plain ; ; Header ; * = CODE_START-6 !byte $ff, $ff, <CODE_START, >CODE_START, <CODE_END, >CODE_END ; ; Code Start ; * = CODE_START ldx #$00 txa sta $1000,x inx bne *-5 jmp * CODE_END = *

I'm geting there slowly ;)
added on the 2008-01-22 14:55:40 by Skate Skate
what the hell. code block ruined my code :((( here is the plain text one:

; Atari XL Test
; Coded by Skate
; (C)2008

; Constants
CODE_START = $0600

; Output
!to "atarixltest.xex",plain

; Header

; Code Start
ldx #$00
sta $1000,x
bne *-5
jmp *


added on the 2008-01-22 14:58:18 by Skate Skate
What kind of assembler is that where you can't just write
Code:!word CODE_START
Btw, learn 2 BB Image Skate :)
added on the 2008-01-22 15:05:26 by cruzer cruzer
as you wish cruzer. wait for my xl twister BB Image ;)
added on the 2008-01-22 15:16:21 by Skate Skate
Hey Karolj ;) Nice to see you here :)
added on the 2008-01-22 15:21:29 by ltk_tscc ltk_tscc
what about $e1, $02?

I saw that some xex files ends like $e0, $02, $e1, $02, lo, hi
added on the 2008-01-22 15:29:48 by Skate Skate
Skate... sorry my fault...


;) in my assembler i just do enter the pseudo command "run start_adr"

mads.atari8.info is THE xl atari (scener) assembler...

ltk... yup... long time no see... unfortunatly i wasn't able to come to Karlsruhe few weeks ago... ;)

still waiting for you doing some chip tunes... ;)
yes heaven, we really missed you at the TUM :) Would be cool if you could show up maybe next year? Or even better, maybe at the Forever9 ? :)
added on the 2008-01-22 15:56:22 by twh twh
heaven: hm well I wasn't at TUM too... Arg... you mean pokey tunes I guess.....
added on the 2008-01-22 16:17:18 by ltk_tscc ltk_tscc
@heavan6502: thanks for the information. I now fixed my cross development sample project.

btw, I made my first 203 bytes effect. stay tuned :)
added on the 2008-01-22 16:47:04 by Skate Skate