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That should be logically working. I can't see why it doesn't. Maybe you should try the Bebel Tower. That should do it..
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And what Aeko said. Illegally and Paranormally.
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Someone said that his PC was showing many 666s. They brought a priest for an exorcism. And someone else wondered "Did they wrote some prayers in a word doc and transfered them through USB stick?"

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you are all fags, go see nosfe exhibition and stop trolling you lamers..
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as this not just nosfe exhibition but also other guy.. so .. fuck you faggots.
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more info about the exhibition:
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nosfe: why the hell did you post that here, you're not demoscene related!
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a paper with our interview:
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unseen, don't be a moron. nobody except finns knew that it was about an exhibition at all until uncle-x's message, which wasn't very descriptive either. nosfe could've posted something in english, but chose not to.
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oops. flamebaited super later.
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sorry i had bad day then..
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skrebbel you liar, you knew it was an exhibition from the very start :)
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knos, eh no i didn't, i had no clue what the finns were on about. my finnish knowledge took me 5 minutes to figure out that the topic means something like "we want <something> that everybody has", but i didn't bother digging further into it, it felt like some "statement" not very interesting to non-finns. i also didn't know that "ateneum" is an art place, so that doesn't help.

in other words,

De werkers kwamen fluitend van karwei,
staken de rijweg over, dromden rond de halte.
De adel van hun kracht beschaamde mij:
triest hing daartussen, zinloos, mijn gestalte.

Een eerlijk broodblik priemde in mijn kraag,
een zwaar beslagen schoen rustt' op mijn tenen.
Mijn leven had nog nooit zó leeg geschenen:
ik had alleen een plaat gekocht vandaag.

0! 't Liefst zou ik van hen hier voorman wezen
en legde in één gebaar de hele haven lam!

Maar ach! Voor morgen staat een boek op het program.
En dan maar weer een plaat: men kan niet eeuwig lezen.
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now info in swedish:
added on the 2008-10-17 17:51:24 by nosfe nosfe
info in japanese
added on the 2008-10-17 19:12:30 by leblane leblane

the finnish national radio channel did a piece on Ateneum and our exhibition is mentioned there, starts after 11min
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