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It's about Papua New Guinea.
Psonice: Everyone knows a sexton is a church officer charged with the maintenance of the church buildings and/or the surrounding graveyard.

Transportation equip. oper. (except Truck)

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p01: Interesting table. Where do you have it from? (What's your source?) What country is it about?
huh ... seriously who gives a shit ?
added on the 2008-11-25 19:52:16 by p01 p01
What's the sense of posting it without the source? Maybe it really concerns Papua New Guinea as Rob wrote...
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Even though my IQ isn't as high as Adok's (note: based on my occupation group and the chart, I haven't done an IQ test) I succeeded where he failed, actually it wasn't even hard!

Based on male Wisconsin graduates and siblings who reported a job during 1992-94 See appendix for definitions of occupation groups.

Wisconsin is in the US.
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un drôle d'\état: Merci beaucoup pour ta résponse.

It is interesting that the university keeps such a connection to its alumni. A neighbour of mine studied at an American university is always running around with a t-shirt with the logo of his university. So probably the connection between university and graduates in the USA is really strong.

In Austria it's all different: Studying at an Austrian university is like a war: students vs. professors. The professors design exams with the single purpose to make students drop out. Every student is happy if he/she succeeds at defeating the professor.
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you should write an article about it in Hugi.
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assembler!!! is mentioned there so it must be a (relativ) new study..
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