Games you must play before you die

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Subnautica is great if you like exploring and getting scared of big sea monsters.

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and what about a recent racing game, developed from long time friends, that works like an rpg? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLRSMz5rS5c - i honestly think it has something unique

Available for Android at Google Play Store. Rulez!
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Oh, I posted Dusk already on the previous page (doublepost). Anyway, final episode 3 and full game was out and didn't dissapoint. I hope more good stuff on oldschool indie FPS.
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Hell yeah Dusk is a lot of fun !

Completely different type of game, but GRIS is gorgeous

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'chicken' against a train.
the game you play Right before you die.
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Polyssimo Challenge
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(Shameless advertising part 2)
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