The real pHluid Music Disk Volume 46 links...

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Some how the URLs to pHluid disk 46 got mangled in the news feed. The correct links are:

ftp://ftp.superiorart.org/pub/acid/phluid/phluid46/phluid46.rar ftp://ftp.superiorart.org/pub/acid/phluid/phluid46/phluid46.r00 ftp://ftp.superiorart.org/pub/acid/phluid/phluid46/phluid46.r01 ftp://ftp.superiorart.org/pub/acid/phluid/phluid46/phluid46.r02 ftp://ftp.superiorart.org/pub/acid/phluid/phluid46/phluid46.r03 ftp://ftp.superiorart.org/pub/acid/phluid/phluid46/phluid46.sfv

This is yet another full length album, composed entirely by fellow veteran of the tracking scene Pinion. All 12 tracks will conveniently burn on an audio CD-R if so desired.

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