Modded Demos

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Just curious, since some demos have their data as files accessable outside any archives: Are there any modded demos out there in teh internets?
added on the 2009-04-24 02:41:46 by Salinga Salinga
sure.. there´s variform derivates..

the outreach idea fulfills this perfectly..
added on the 2009-04-24 03:04:06 by gman gman
One fine example:

And basically all the entries in TUM's pirated demo compos.
added on the 2009-04-24 03:32:14 by zoom zoom
Honda Gay is a remix / mod of Fiat Homo
added on the 2009-04-24 03:48:48 by decipher decipher
1337 from 1995.
added on the 2009-04-24 03:50:06 by xernobyl xernobyl
yep, we (nuance) did some - just for the sake of fun, directly at the party place. for some reasons we couldn't include the real soundtrack...

i think demo remixing is a funny thing at the partyplace and can be considered as a fun compo! nothing serious... but somehow it's good that it's over! :)

here you go...

The Odd The Bad And The Ugly is a remix of: World Domination

The Ultimate Funk Experience In The Sky is a remix of: A Deepness In The Sky

Marijform is a remix of: Variform

added on the 2009-04-24 08:20:59 by pro pro
"the line age" has pretty much all data files modifiable, and the demo is scripted using xml which includes plenty of changeable data, if someone wants to play around. Doubt anyone will, though.

I actually used it as an example in school in the XML course. Didn't have to take the exam =)
added on the 2009-04-24 08:53:59 by sol_hsa sol_hsa
Newschool Plasma Demo OIAH REMIX is a mod of Newschool Plasma Demo

And it's an actual mod, not a remix.
added on the 2009-04-24 14:01:33 by lug00ber lug00ber